Monday, June 29, 2009

When you want to show the computer who's boss!

This morning I had a long review post done and finished. All I had to do was copy and transfer it over to Blogger when something went wrong and the whole thing was lost.

Every single link lost. All the structure. None of the text left. The air was blue for a good five minutes.

Then I decided to switch off the computer to teach it a lesson and go and draw Rembrandt instead.

I actually went into town to a lunchtime event at the National Gallery to hear about Degas worked (fascinating - more about this later this week). After which I treated myself to a nice lunch and a long sketch of people at lunch - which you'll see tomorrow on my sketchbook blog.

After Self Portrait at the age of 63
pencil and coloured pencils in sketchbook

Then I went off for a tour of the National Gallery and decided to have a go at drawing Rembrandt. So here's my version of Self Portrait at the age of 63. It's not very good - the shape is wrong and the colours are wrong - but it was very nice to just sit and draw in the National Gallery.

I think I might have another go at getting it better.

What do you do when
  • you've just had a major technological frustration?
  • and/or you want to show your computer who's boss?

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