Monday, February 05, 2007

Reloading a Moleskine

Reloading? You may well ask.

Some people like the size and shape of a Moleskine - but not the paper. For those who'd like to replace the paper with paper of their own choosing, Martha from Trumpetvine Travels has developed a simply wonderful set of instructions for reloading your Moleskine. Rarely have I seen such dedication to providing a really clear set of instructions - with pics for the difficult bits!

I've not tried to do this myself as I use coloured pencils rather than watercolour and love the Moleskine sketchbook paper so have no need to change it. However, I do know that artists using watercolour in Moleskines have been less than ecstatic even when the new watercolour sketchbook was brought out. However read the comments from the people who have tried this process and judge for yourself.

Also take a look at the Trumpetvine setup - there's an introduction in my first blogpost about Trumpetvine Travels below.

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