Friday, February 02, 2007

A Bunch of Beets

A Bunch of Beets
10" x 12" pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

And now we have the still life bought on the supermarket trip. Or we would if I wasn't getting a Blogger error every time I try to upload an image. So I thought I'd post "IMAGE NOT UPLOADING DUE TO GOOGLE / BLOGGER ERROR" in place of the image and see what happens! ;) [Update - took about an hour os but I can now upload images. memo to self -try that one again next time I have problems posting images!]

I'm going to try a number of simpler drawings - more developed than the sketches in my sketchbook and not as developed as some drawings. They will involve drawing in pen and ink first and then using coloured pencil afterwards. This is the first drawing using this appproach. And I enjoyed drawing the beets so much I'm going to do them again I think!

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  1. What beautiful sweet, juicy beets, Katherine. Great technique and gorgeous colours.

  2. So are you doing just the line drawing in sepia ink, or are you laying down a wash in the shadows too?

    I just got a full set of Colourfasts, am happy to be playing with them. They seem a little chalkier than Prismacolors and don't bloom down so fast, but it may be too early to tell for sure...

  3. On this one it was just the line drawing but I very often hatch with pen and ink to give form when I do sketches.

    I'm seeing what works best at the moment now that I'm doing it out of a sketchbook!

  4. very nice indeed, fresh and organic and beautifully observed :)

    ..... choice of subject influenced by Kurt Jackson?

  5. I have been doing some of my sketchcrawl items in color. Nothing so nice as yours. But I have found that I can work with watercolor pencils and a waterbrush easier than watercolor paints and a brush. But I usually use the pen and ink afterward. I am still gun-shy about drawing first in pen. That will be another thing to try soon. Beets are not something I would buy or draw but I like the ones you did.

    In the scavenger hunts I do a lot of sketching of things I wouldn't normally do. And now I am pretty comfortable drawing or sketching just about anything. And since your class, I haven't used a grid. Thanks for giving me goals to work toward. Jeanne

  6. Hi Vivien - choice of subject influenced by the fact that there was actually a bunch of beets with roots on this week! I've been trying to do them for ages.

    Jeanne - you always make me smile with your commitment to sketching - dating back to when you first started taking your sketchbook to church! ;) You're also a great advertisement to all those who think they can't draw for what sketching on a regular basis can do for somebody.

  7. I still do draw in church but not in my sketchbook but on the program they pass out. Doodles mostly but sometimes the Pastor. Don't think he would find them flattering tho. And like I always said...instead of a captive audience, I have captive posers.


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