Sunday, February 18, 2007

The definitive "50 works of art to see before you die"

Claude Monet: Reflets verts (Green reflections)
two panels: 200 x 425 cm (78 inches x 167 inches)

Musee de l'Orangerie

The final list of 50 works of art to see before you die, as suggested and promoted by readers of the Guardian Online Art and Architecture Blog was published just before Christmas. However I forgot to post it on the blog then so here it is now!

It's an interesting list and the debate which contributed to how it was arrived is fascianting reading - see the links below and then see what you think.

I was particularly pleased that Monet's Nymphéas at the Musee de l'Orangerie in Paris were included. They were missing from the initial list and yet they're the only art 'experience' which has ever totally overwhelmed me on seeing them for the first time.

If you are ever in Paris, a visit to see the eight paintings comes highly recommended by me - especially now that you can as the museum they are housed in has at long last opened again. You can read a ViaMichelin article here about how the original layout of the Musee de l'Orangerie and the environment for the Nymphéas has been restored (it only took 6 years!). Robert Genn (The Painters Keys) has also commented on his recent experience of visiting the Nymphéas again and includes the interactive views of the images of all 8 paintings.

Computer Update: Getting there slowly........very slowly! The laptop does not like my camera and refuses to have anything to do with it. And when I came to open the Compact Flash reader I bought from PC World I realised that somebody had got there before me and removed the USB cable, driver and quick-start guide! However, the laptop does like the printer but somehow doesn't want to scan in the same way..........I'm being very calm(!) and looking at chocolate.


The top 50:
The following links provide:

Monet's Nymphéas:


  1. re: the Orangerie - I totally agree, the huge Nympheas were overwhelming and absolutely wonderful :)

    Have you been to the Marmottan? there are equally large paintings by Monet in a similar basement setting and if anything even better!

    It's in what was a private house and has superb paintings in a lovely setting on the edge of Paris near the Bois de Boulogne.

  2. oh and I was delighted to see cave paintings in the list :) as I think they are amazingly beautiful

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience


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