Monday, February 26, 2007

"Postcard from Provence" - new in site auction system

Green Apples on a Blue Ground
15cm x 10cm, oil on card
copyright Julian Merrow Smith
Price: $150 inc. shipping & tax.
This painting will go on sale at midday EDT Monday 26th Feb

Phew - at last - the announcement has been made and I am so relieved that I can finally come out from under the confidentiality of being a beta tester! Julian Merrow Smith has today announced three important changes to his extremely popular blog/website "Postcard from Provence", namely:
  • a very clean NEW look - I like the white background which sits well with his other website for larger non-auction artwork.
  • a NEW in site auction site - a major innovation. I've been beta testing this and it's very simple and very helpful to bidders. I've also been dropping strong hints to Julian that this might be an innovation others would like to adopt also! Let's see what happens.......
  • a NEW arrangement for auctions - on one auction each week Julian is hoping to give priority to bids to somebody who has never won an auction before.
This is what Julian had to say this morning to the c.4,000 members of his mailing list .
February marks the second anniversary of 'Postcard from Provence'. In the two years since it's inception has received a quarter of a million visitors and nearly 2 million page views and the mailing list has nearly 4000 members, a success beyond our wildest dreams. As we celebrate the move into the project's third year, we have redesigned the site and put in place - and this I believe is a first - an in site auction system. The auction system is designed not only to improve the way the daily painting is made available for sale but in its near complete automation it will give me more time to devote to art and life, to my painting and my family.

The auction system has been tested extensively over the past two weeks (which is why it may have seemed a little quiet) and has proved robust and elegant. If you would like to bid on a painting or watch the auction, you will need to create an account at: which takes all of two minutes.

Please feel free to comment or send me feedback, we are still adding functionalities to the site and your thoughts and suggestions are always helpful and appreciated.

So - whether you're a bidder or a blogger, do hop over there (see links below) and take a look at what is a great new innovation.

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Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks for the heads up Katherine.
He's lost the black..correct?
That black is too assertive and tiresome to display artwork IMO

Making A Mark said...

I think you;re maybe thinking of Duane Keiser's blog "A Painting a Day". That has a black background (and i agree - I find black backgrounds to be rather distracting)

Julian previously used a neutral mid tone taupe shade as the background to Postcard from Provence.

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