Friday, February 09, 2007

The Van Gogh Project: - the artists' contributions

Self-Portrait as an Artist, 1888
Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890
Oil on Canvas, 65.5 X 50.5 cm
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

OK - here's a quick round up of what this month's Van Gogh project seems to have generated so far. Click on the post titles to find out more about Van Gogh and/or how each artist is tackling this project.

I'll update this list at the end of the project and maybe at the end of each week - depending on the quantity of posts.

Please leave a comment below if you're contributing (or expecting to) and we haven't spotted you yet!


Making A Mark (Katherine Tyrrell - living in London and loving the research and the drawings)

Greywaren Art (Maggie Stiefvater - from her brand new home and STUDIO in Virginia)
Daily Painter (Nicole Caulfield - recovering from a cold in snowy New Hampshire)
Fur in the Paint (Gayle Mason - drawing cats and dogs and crowded by collies in Yorkshire)
Wendy Prior (on her very own VG epiphany in New Zealand)

The Colourist
(Casey Klahn - who is a BIG Van Gogh fan - speaking from Davenport, Washington State, Holland and Provence)
Have Dogs Will Travel (Robyn in Tuscany - drawing in new ways)
Purple Tastes Good (Rita Wooburne - somewhere, out there in CA)
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Rose Welty said...


I'm probably not the kind of participant you want responding, but it just felt creepy to be doing a Van Gogh project this month and not say anything. I have the enviable position of not having to earn my bread, so I am at this point a hobbyist.

FWIW, my blog is I very much enjoyed Sargent last month and am learning more than I expected from Van Gogh. Thank you to you and all the Fine Line artists for your work and openness.

Casey Klahn said...

This is a good round up. Much thanks.
Other than some some really bad photoshopping on my part (albeit entertaining), I am attempting to recognize the long shadow of VG's person, and at the same time his ouvre that I describe as "colorist". That's "colourist" for all you English-speakers.
I don't link his bad behavior to his earthshaking body of work. Some pretty cunning, and I think altogether preposterous theories have been put forth by absolute experts on VG.
He had a condition that made him "see" everything slightly yellow, you see.
He sucked on the end of his lead-covered brush, you know.
His condition made him super keen to produce art differently than his fore bearers.
Whatever. It doesn't pass muster with me. And I write these things to encourage my peerage in this project to try to take the "old man" with a grain of salt.
There is forgiveness, especially postmortem. Look at the parts of his work that inspire you, and follow that muse.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I am a self taught artist that lives in a cave in chicagoi go not know what you are doing anyway i can learn more

Casey Klahn said...

"Oeuvre". Excuse me.

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