Friday, February 16, 2007

Postcard from Provence: two years on

Chemin Tournant
13cm x 16cm (Collection of Judith Kolata, Chicago)
copyright Julian Merrow Smith

I've been getting a Postcard from Provence in my inbox for over a year but today is the second anniversary of the very first post (of an oil painting of an oyster on a postcard) by Julian Merrow Smith on his extremely popular and very successful painting a day blog. His work has become so familiar to me that I can now spot a PfP subject anytime one presents itself!

Julian's blog has notched up just short of 250,000 visits in the last two years. If you're not familiar with Julian's blog and how it came about and the impact it has had then take a look at the mentions he's had in my blog over the last year or so (see the links at the end of this post) and then turn to the press coverage - on the front page of Postcard from Provence (see quote below).

Shiftinglight Elsewhere...
You can sign up to get a postcard in your inbox here. And watch out for some very interesting news in the near future.................

Happy Birthday Julian and congratulations on all that you and Ruth have achieved in the last two years - that oyster really did turn out to have a pearl!

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