Monday, January 22, 2007

Unison Soft Pastels - the website

For all those interested in pastels, this is the website for Unison Soft Pastels. (website address )

Two of my long-running website quests in recent years have been to find the websites for (1) David Hockney and (2) Unison Pastels. I found the new Hockney website a while back completely by accident. However, although I once found a simple webpage, the website for Unison soft pastels remained elusive until now (and many thanks to Bruce in Long Beach for supplying it).

The problem has been that although Unison is a UK company, based in Northumberland, it has almost exactly the same name as the main union for all public service employees - hence the use of the word 'colour' in the name. So insert just Unison into the UK page of Google in order to try and find the website for Unison pastels and all you get is union branch after union branch - for pages and pages! Try it on the main page and all you get are the very many suppliers all over the world of this excellent pastel. Only if you insert 'unisoncolour' as all one word does the website actually appear.

So - a small plea to all my readers - can we please try to move the website for Unison Colour - Soft Pastels up the browser ranking by everybody clicking on the link please!

And that way you also get to read all about Unison Colour and see all the delicious colour charts. I daren't look because I'd only drool and have to go and get my Unison pastels out when I should be getting on with something else!

For further reference, if you want to get in touch with Unison Pastels, contact as follows:
  • Unison Colour Ltd: Unison Colour Ltd,Thorneyburn, Tarset, Northumberland NE48 1NA
  • Telephone: 01434 240203
  • Fax: 01434 240457
  • Email: info [insert 'at' symbol]
I've also included the link in my squidoo lens and links to previous posts about Unison Pastels on this blog are also included below.

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  1. Can you share the Hockney link?

  2. Yes Lorna - it's - and it's the ONLY authorised David Hockney website.

  3. Katherine--as you know, I am primarily an oil painter, but for traveling, I am considering taking up pastels. where do you recommend I get started? I just a sort of intro to the materials for existing artists.

    BTW, i used to live in LA and met Hockney at a bar. Nice guy, seemed shy. If you're ever in LA I ca let you know where, or, use your "gay-dar" :-)


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