Sunday, January 14, 2007

Switching to new Blogger

My invite finally appeared and I'm switching to New Blogger today. However, judging by the experiences of other people with big blogs, since this blog post is one post shy of 400 posts in total I think this might just take a little bit of time(!) and/or there may be a few problems. So if I don't reappear for a bit that's why.

I've got all the posts backed up (in both blogs) and all the template and side column links backed up in html - so here goes!

[UPDATE: Well that didn't take too much time! The blogs converted over really easily and adding my tweaks to the side bar column was really easy given that most came up automatically anyway. The rest I just added back - using the add-in html module - from the copy of the template that I'd saved in Word. Just got one small niggle to sort and then I think I'm there.

Do let me know if there's anything that looks odd and/or you're used to seeing and can't find and/or the change is creating problems for you]


  1. I'm reluctant to move over because of the tweaks I've already done. So I'm glad to hear that it was relaitively painless. One thing I've noticed since your change is that when you increase the width of the window the main column and the header dynamically increase in size with the window. This can be a good thing but not something I want on mine, as my personalised masthead is a specific width that lines up with the edges of the columns. So another reason to put it off!

  2. Julie - you can stay with the old format even in 'new format' blogger. So the masthead would be no problem.

    Just make sure you save a very good clear copy of all the stuff in the template in a Word document before you change

    I had all my tweaks really clearly laid out in that and having a copy of the template made it very easy to lift them out and then reapply them. Plus the template supposedly converts and you;re recommended to save a copy of it in New Blogger before you start doing any tweaks in new Blogger. But I didn't know this and had heard about people losing all their links..........hence the copy saved in Word.

    I also copied all my archives over into Word (which means I now have a complete copy of it should it ever crash / get mangled) but haven't needed to use these at all. It still made it feel safer though........

  3. Welcome to the New Blogger Katherine! :D

    Just a little hint when backing up any html or scripts, I have read that it is best to save it as a plain text without any format in the page at all as it can change some of the html. For this reason notepad is often recommended to copy and paste html into. Probably if all formatting is removed from a Word document, it also would be ok.

    I am not sure if I have just been lucky or what but never experienced any of the teething problems that some bloggers did when using Beta Blogger and touch wood nothing drastic will in the future.

    Anyway all the best with your "New" blogger Katherine and I do hope your experiences with it continue without too many bumps in the road.

  4. when I click on 'comments', I get a message which says "A script on this page is causing explorer to run slow and your computer may become unresposive. Do you wasnt to abort the script?" and after ages 'comments' comes up - never seen this anywhere before.

  5. Alison - I got the same thing. I've been fiddling with the template and might have to revert back to the original and start again.

    What you have to do it just click 'stop the script' and the comments page comes up straight away.


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