Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Introduction to the John Singer Sargent Project

OK the grand plan swings into action and here is a challenge in which you can all participate if you like.......

Some of the members of Fine Line Artists (my cyberchums 'buddy' group) are going to be focusing on learning about John Singer Sargent this month - and then seeing how what we've learned can be applied to our art - ideally by producing work influenced by our learning.

We're going to be cross-posting as this a joint effort - but one we thought we'd share with people via our blogs. Maggie Stiefvater kicked off with these two posts on her blog:
So the challenge is this. During the month of January, I will be gathering up as much information as I can on Sargent, his working methods, and what makes a Sargent a Sargent. And then I will be working with his methods and color palette in a series of preliminary sketches before finishing with a work done as much in his style as I can manage......Let me emphasize that this is a bit of a twist on the traditional exercise because I am not directly copying any of his works. Rather I’m trying to take away from his body of work a feeling of how Sargent thought, and then painting a subject of my choosing as if I were him.
I think Nicole and Gord might be looking at the way he did architectural fragments.

If you'd like to join in, just comment below and then post a link to whatever you have found out or the work you have done in one of our blogs and we'll highlight it.

This is the John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery - compiled by Natasha Wallace who started it in 1999. it's major resource site for all things John Singer Sargent - you can immerse yourself in there and not come out again for a very long time............. plus if you use this link you get to see a new image every time you visit with no effort whatsoever!

I'm now going to go and download my JSS info and write the post I've been trying to write for the last two days!

PS If anybody participating uses the following technorati tag in their blog post we'll all be able to follow all the posts really easily using Technorati.
  • Just copy this tag and then insert it in your blog post
  • then go to and search for John Singer Sargent in the tags (use the search function at the top of the page and the drop down menu to seach in tags rather than blogs).
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