Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blogger Update #2

This morning I'm going to try and resolve the problem that I've had with an unresponsive script since changing to New Blogger and the associated message which comes up every time a link of an image is clicked. You may find that the blog looks odd while I'm trying to find a solution.

The solution which works pro tem for me (but maybe not for you) is to click the 'stop script' button when the error message comes up.

What I can't work out is where the script is that is causing the problem or how to validate the html in the template - any suggestions from people who have had to deal with similar problems would be much appreciated.

3 hours later: I seem to have resolved the problem - in part by changing templates to try and deal with the font size problem I was also having. However I'm still looking for a template which is not as narrow as those designed for very old monitor widths and one which is not as stretched as the wide monitors. I've also removed a bit of code which seemed to be causing problems.

Can people let me know:
  • if this new template causes them reading problems and
  • also whether you can now click on links and images without problems


Robyn Sinclair said...

I like the new simple template, Katherine and all the links worked for me with no error messages. I visited the pastel site (I don't even use pastels, not liking to get my hands dirty!) and was so tempted by the colours.

Bee Skelton said...

Works absolutely fine now Katherine. And I like the look of the page too.

Regula Scheifele said...

The links I tested worked just fine (but did so yesterday also). But when I click on a post title and get a 'single-post-page' like http://makingamark.blogspot.com/2007/01/blogger-update-2.html the colour of the title in the blog header changes to turquoise, almost the same colour as the bg.
AND... I must say I prefer the classic look of your old blog...

take care,

Making A Mark said...

Thanks everybody

Amira - the links within the blog were working fine. It was the links to external sites which were causing the blog and was even crashing some people's machines

I too prefer the look of the classiz template but have been very concerned about the accessibility of the size of the font which seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. I couldn't correct this using Blogger so reluctantly I've moved it to another template.

Just as soon as the templates start to improve I think I might be changing again.

Lorna said...

I have found searching here:
has solved some of my problems. You do not have to join the group to search.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Lorna - good suggestion.

In fact I keep an eye on this group but am finding that there aren't a lot of threads that have been answered in relation to problems with migration to New Blogger. Most of them are early beta problems which have been fixed. They don't seem to be keeping on top of what still needs fixing.............

And more to the point everything now seems to be complicated by the fact that New Blogger blogs are having severe problems with servers going down.

To be honest I wouldn't recommend that anybody migrates until they have got on top of the server problem.

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Just wanted to let you know i was receiving problems where my whole browser would just hang and eventually die often when i clicked on a link or picture. That seems to be fixed. I never got a stop script option.
Good luck with it i know how frustrating it must be.

Lorna said...

I have read on other art blogs that they were unhappy about their update to the new blogger version. I think I shall hold fire moving my blog untill it has settled down some more.

Making A Mark said...

That's very interesting Lorna. I'd not call it a success.

The customer support in the Blogger Help Group leaves an awful lot to be desired - the Blogger Employee doesn't seem to be around a lot. And that's one person for how many Blogger blogs in the world?

I do wonder whether Google is actually making any money at times.........

My main moan at the moment is over template width. Their templates have not kept up with the changes in screen sizes.

Making A Mark said...

Belinda and everybody else who had the 'hang' problem - I do hope it's all OK now.

Alison said...

I am no longer having any problems with your blog, Katherine and I have clicked on various things. I love your gondola drawing and have enjoyed your process report. If only I were patient enough to do planning etc. Oh well, that's why Danny Gregory's approach suits me.

DD said...

I'm glad I hopped over here to see what you thought of the new blogger. I think it's probably fine for people to start out with, but migrating would be difficult. I haven't migrated yet because I know it would take SO much time to get everything back how I like it. I use a free template I found online, it's modifyable (is that a word? LOL) ok well it can be modified, how's that. :) The link to it is at the very bottom of my blog. Hope it helps, but I really like the pleasant and open look your blog has right now.

Making A Mark said...

Darla - if you have no modifications my guess is most people would find migration pretty easy. I was amazed at how much did transfer without problem. The problems really start arising when it comes to third party issues - your own modifications or the code of others - which for whatever reason doesn't seem to want to play with new Blogger.

I'm guessing that sooner or later somebody is going to come up with a cracking three column template which will be leapt on with glee by a lot of people.

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