Monday, January 08, 2007

Are your wood picture frames made of sustainable timber?

I've just paid a visit to my framer who is very keen on only using wood for his frames from sustainable timber resources. He's stopped using timber from certain countries because of the impact some forestry practices are having on forests, wildlife and local communities. All of his timber mouldings now come from managed and sustainable sources in either the UK or USA.

You can read a little bit about the impact of illegal logging here. The bottom line is too little is being done to make sure it stops. However, as with other initiatives in the past, the action of an individual can make a difference. Next time to visit your framer or order frames check where he gets his wood from and whether it is accredited as coming from sustainable supplies.

To find out more about accreditation take a look at the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) websites for both the UK and USA - see links at the end of this post.

I thought we'd have a trees drawing for a wood topic! It's amazing how getting a piece out after you've put it away and haven't looked at it for a bit enables you to see straightaway what needs fixing. This one got an extra tweak this morning - and later this week it's getting framed in American Oak accredited as coming from sustainable supplies!

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  1. As one who grew up in the logging industry, in Washington State, I look mainly for hard woods in my frames. They are less susceptible to damage, and will be turned with a better right angle at the outer edge. "Squared off", if you will.
    The tighter the rings (older), the better.
    Good image, Katherine. It catches the eye immediately.

  2. Oh I so love this painting. The colors are so fresh and spring-like. It's really love. I just ordered a wooden frame for a painting today (I usually frame my own in inexpensive metal frames but splurged on nice wood for this one) and I didn't ask about where the wood comes from. It sounds like you have an excellent framer. Good professional framing is so expensive, isn't it!

  3. Thanks for the comment Casey - and nice to see you here! I so agree about the hard woods - I tend to go for oak as it's very robust and doesn't tend to get damaged in exhibitions before and after the pictures go up.

    Jana - I use a professional framer for major exhibitions.

    I also get frames from other sources - but when galleries are handling hundreds of pictures in a major exhibition there's lots of scope for less robust frames being damaged and none of them will accept metal frames anyway. Framing for myself and direct sales can be different because the demands are different and most of the work around my home has been framed by me.

  4. Katherine - Gorgeous painting. The detail and colours in the grass is wonderful and the depth in the picture too.
    I wish I had to consider wood for framing. I'm still attempting to make something I want to frame.


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