Monday, January 15, 2007

Blogger Update

I'm having fun tinkering with colours and fonts in New Blogger. It's a sad fact that the bit I enjoy most whenever I get a new computer is to see what extra twiddles I get to adjust what appears on the screen. (I also buy books about font design but we'll just pass over that and move swiftly on!) You may find me experimenting with different colours for a little while!

If you try to click on a link or an image or comment you may experience a a problem which is causing the following message to appear.
"A script on this page is causing explorer to run slow and your computer may become unresposive. Do you want to abort the script?"
Please do not let that stop you commenting - there is a fix! Clicking the 'stop script' button enables the comments function to continue in the normal way.

I'm trying to work out which script is causing the problem - but this is a trial and error process and may take a bit of time - so please bear with me! Anybody knowing of scripts which cause problems please let me know.

And I can't find any reference to the feed address - does anybody know where it went?

Also see the comment on the blogger post yesterday from Susan Borgas where she recommends using Notepad rather than Word to save html scripts because of the extra code which Word inserts automatically without telling you. Thanks for that comment Susan - I'd forgotten!

And finally - has everybody noticed that a NEW Blogger blog can now be referenced on your own domain name
The new version of Blogger now supports using a custom domain for serving your blog. If you already own a domain named, say, and want your blog to be served at that address instead of at a address, we can host your blog on that domain for you — for free. Your old Blog*Spot address will forward to your new custom domain, so the switch will be seamless for your readers.
Watch this space - I've already got a domain name set up and registered for Making a Mark so the URL may be changing very soon...........


  1. Katherine I can't help you with the scrips. For some reason there is no longer a feed address displayed in the settings. If you would like to check out Better Blogger for Dummies at the following address it will help shed some light on the matter of feeds for your blog.

    Now lets see if I can post this without a problem with that script using Internet Explorer. :)

  2. Katherine, sorry I can't help with the scripts either. I'm a Blogger dunce - I can't make my photo appear when I post comments, even though it's on my blog. You're not missing much! I had to smile about the process you go through with a new computer. I spend days playing with all the bells and whistles too. Of course, I then forget about them instantly.
    Firefox is my recommended browser - I've had fewer problems with it than either Safari or Explorer.

  3. Thanks for the comments and thanks for the link Susan

    I mainly use Firefox and have been experimenting with Opera....

  4. Hi Katherine,
    since the text spreads now over the full width of the screen readability has become even worse. Flat paragraphs with very long lines together with small font are not for the +50 :).

    You have put up a lot of valuable content in the past 12 months. In my opinion a lot of that is "lost" due to the linear structure of blogger. For example I wish it was possible to review all your head drawing sessions in an easy way. Only those who know that they exist have a chance to find them.

    Nevertheless congratulations to the change without major desaster.

  5. Martin - this 50+ would rather like it she can find the bit in the template which makes it wider than the narrow view and not as wide as this as I tend to agree with you.

    The new use of labels (see near the bottom of the right hand coloumn - I may move it) will mean that all the drawing heads classes will be capable of being captured by clicking on the relevant labels

    In the meantime - drawing class starts again on Thursday!

  6. Hi Katherine,
    thank you for he quick reaction. I had to go through a nice html book and a lot of trial and error to understand my own templates a bit. But it´s worth it.
    I like the new archive feature and of course the labels are great help. Meantime I see your blog as a public E-zine. In my opinion your work here doesn`t fit into the blogger jacket any longer. I hope that you are already workng in the background on the next move.
    Somehow I got the link to" where you can change the font size as you like. In total a very smart blog thing.
    By the way I get this funny script thing too with latest IE.

  7. Hi Martin! I took a look at my stats and 90% of the people who view my blog have a screen size of around 1024 or more - so I've gone back to Minima and adjusted the template width settings (which is what I did last time) and set up the width so it should be OK for most people.

    How did you know that I am currently in the process of setting up "the next big thing"?!!! ;)

  8. Hi Katherine. I had a similar problem with scripts on my blog. By a process of elimination I worked out that it was the MapStats visitor list that was causing the problem. May be different in your case of course, but thought I'd mention it. Bee


    I was just trying to work out when I could set aside some time to do go through the process of elimination. This should be a short cut! I'll also contact the people at BlogFlux to see whether they know anything about this.

  10. Problem solved!

    And it wasn't the Mapstats code - it was the code belonging to Clustrmaps. When I looked at it, what I had on the template was different to what I was being give by clustrmaps in admin view so I changed this last night and this morning everything works fine!


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