Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Life Plein Air" and Ovanes Berberian

Although I work in pastels, I find that looking at the work of oil painters who focus on colour relationships is always very helpful to developing my own techniques for optical mixing with different coloured pastels. Plus, I'm working towards oil painting plein air very slowly..........I'm at the reading stage! ;)

Anybody interested in colour relationships and/or painting still life or plein air in oils and/or Ovanes Berberian will probably find it rewarding to pay a visit to recent posts in Ed Terpening's blog "Life Plein Air". Ed is an established plein air oil painter who works and paints in California.

He's just done a week long workshop with Ovanes Berbarian in Idaho. His blog records the process and has photos of the work Ed produced. These are the links:
The overall principles around colour relationships and harmonies and colour mixing and the process of building a painting are all ones which apply to a lot of artists working in a variety of media. I hope you enjoy reading Ed's posts - I know I did.

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Ed Terpening's blog "Life Plein Air"

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Ed Terpening said...


I'm really glad to hear you found my blog posts on Ovanes useful. To make the post even more useful, a few of your blog's readers where thoughtful enough to add their own comments and experience with Ovanes. The multiplying effects of blogs are at work!

Best, - Ed Terpening.

william wray said...

Never heard of Ovanes Berbarian. I love his confidence and color, not a big fan of sunsets as the main theme, but he doses it well.

Making A Mark said...

Ed - the multiplying effects of work are having even more impact. This blog post is truning out to be one of the most popular on my blog.

Making A Mark said...

I'm now wondering whether the popularity of this blog post is because people are checking out different people's views about this tutor.

I've just read an alternative and VERY different perspective on this artist/tutor on Robert Genn's website - and as the contrast is so profound I thought it only fair to post a link to it.

Read the comment "An Offensive Instructor" in the "Introducing The Painter's Post" clickback (scroll down to the comment)

ddrips said...

I started learning painting back in 2000 and thru the years have come across different people male/female about 12 taken Ovanes workshop. Roughly 70% of them find him very abusive, 30% said Ovanes is rough and can be abusive but they somehow got along with him.

My personal view is that an art teacher is only worth for who they are as a person. I myself would not go to him for that reason but atleast he does not hide who he is.

I have come across another good painter and very charming as a teacher as well and students follow him for 3, 4, 5,and some for 7 years paying $1000 for a workshop and very expensive classes. Most of these students coming out wanting to look like this teacher but without a clue that this teacher really have not taught them anything at all except copying the teacher.

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