Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Tea Pavilion

Another really hot day yesterday - I sketched under the trees next to the artificial lake and the Tea Pavilion in my local park. Much musing on the colour of leaves on the trees as the weeks pass by - and why I need all those greens in my collection - and why the ones I wanted seemed to be at home!

It always amazes me what a drop of red does in a largely green image. It's always great fun adding it in - this time to suggest people and (as usual) to get better darks as the complementary hue.

I draw people as one shape and largely as light shapes against a dark background. There isn't a lot of detail, nor does there need to be.

This sketch is size A3 (it's done on a double page spread of my A4 size Daler Rowney hardback black sketchbook) and was completed using coloured pencils.

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Laura said...

This is so fabulous! Looks like a small version of the cafe at the Serpentine. Your rendering of light and space are so well done!

JaKo said...

Fantastic ! So bright colors , vibrant atmosphere. Oooh, I like it so much.

Freiluftmaler said...

I like the curved line which leads to the umbrellas, also the play with warm and cool colors is great

Caty said...

I like the violet shadows very much. I don't have the idea actually if I am drawing..I will try. Love the final effect