Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lunch at Fortnum and Masons

Yesterday I saw three exhibitions and about 2,500 images in terms of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture. In the middle of the day I sketched at the St James Restaurant on the 4th floor of Fortnum and Masons and these three sketches are the result.

Details as follows:
  • The first is a double page spread in my Moleskine in pencil with colour added with coloured pencils when I got home
  • the second is A3 size (approx. 15" x 8.5") and was executed in pen and sepia ink (no erasing!)
  • the third is A3 size (approx. 15" x 8.5") and is pencil with colour added with coloured pencils when I got home
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  1. These are marvellous glimpses into your dining experience Katherine. I especially love the sepia ink drawing, you've captured such detail with it, just wonderful. You inspire me to go out to lunch simply to draw - eating would be secondary! :o)

  2. Delicious! Lunch at Fortnum and Mason's - you lucky thing!

  3. Just one question - when exactly did you find time to eat? I'm very impressed with the amount of sketching that you got done during one restaurant meal. And they are wonderful, too!


  4. Love, love, love all three--but most especially the third. That green is delicious! And I do love your textury line.

  5. more beautiful pages!! wonderful Katherine, I love looking at these, the line, detail, colors, tones, a feast.

  6. I really love your energetic style, you're an inspiration!

    I've been slow getting my pastels posted, but I keep drawing. Maybe I'm just too picky about the photo retouching to get the colors to match my original.

    Promise some more, soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Katherine, I can't beleive you did all these drawings at one sitting. And A3! They're lovely.


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