Monday, June 26, 2006

Catnapping 9

This is the ninth in Cosmo's catnapping series.

It took about 2 minutes and is unfinished. He woke up, rolled on his back, looked at me with big eyes and waited for his tummy to be tickled! ;) It's not quite one line but it's very nearly. I've hesitated to post it - but I like it (a lot! ) and so here it is.

Technical details are that it's black ink (Pilot G-Tec-C4) in an A6 Winsor and Newton Heavy Weight wire bound sketchbook with removable sheets (80lb paper)

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  1. Katherine,

    This has lots of eye appeal! It might have been done quickly but it is a sketch afterall which implies something that's not "finished" like a fully developed drawing....That's the thing I think I find most appealing about a true sketch, it is rough and unfinished. It captures the barest essentials and then we move on, or our subject moves on (to his back for tummy rubbing LOL)I love the continuous flowing lines in this, it feels luxurious telling me a lot about Cosoms fur and his relaxed state of being during his nap time. Long live the sketch!!


  2. very very nice. you used your mastery to create something very contemporary!


  3. Wonderful drawing, I wouldn't "finish it". Reminds me of some quick sketches I've done of my dog, Gracie.


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