Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Self-Portrait Marathon #2 - Without Glasses

I started to do my next self-portrait feeling very pleased with myself as I'd worked out a grand strategy to cope with four weeks of self portraiture. I'm going to adopt a jigsaw approach and do different sections of my face in different weeks. They may fit together, they may not.

And then.........the problems started.

First off, I had a wholly unscheduled stop in the self-portrait marathon at a refreshment station to get my computer's power unit replaced. And I'm now back in business and steaming along........well, that was until I realised last night that I haven't got anywhere comfortable to sit where the lighting is good.

And then.........the whole self-portrait rigmarole came back to me in a flash.

Question: What's the longest part of doing any self-portrait.

Answer: getting the lighting and the mirror set up so you can sit comfortably and be relaxed for however long it takes to do.

And then...........I discovered that it's so long since I've done a self-portrait that I am now wearing vari-focals rather than just reading glasses and I had a whole new complication to cope with.

Well I decided I wouldn't let a small thing like eyesight and glasses get in the way. So I took my glasses off - and everything blurred nicely - just like it does when I'm screwing up my eyes and trying to see the values clearly. Which seemed like a bit of a bonus. I no longer need to get wrinkles while drawing my self-portrait if I take my glasses off - and that means I don't have to draw them either. Only thing is it also means I can't see what I'm drawing on the paper, either........

So this is:
  • a portrait of a middle-aged woman who's had a bad week with her computer and
  • who can't cope with lighting/mirror and the the additional complication of glasses on a Friday night and
  • who can't see herself properly and can't see the paper either.
Guess what? I'm calling it "Without Glasses"!

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  1. Here I was going along picturing you like the picture by your name (avatar?) and now I am having to readjust my vision. Of course, if you think I look like mine, you'd be horribly surprised. My photo (avatar) is me at 3 yrs. I really like your "take" on your self portraits. It is a cute idea. I also liked the one who used her thumb. So many clever people. Jeanne ("J")

  2. This is so fabulous, Katherine---the story and the sketch. Too funny--you look a trifle surprised in your sketch. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.

  3. Your post made me think, how did the old masters cope? They can't all have had perfect eyesight.
    Without glasses there is no chance of me drawing a all!

  4. love this! great expression and your wonderful value lines. yes, can't wait to see more in this series!

    thanks for letting me know about Wally on, that's so terrific!!


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