Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Russ Stutler's observations on the Waterbrush

I've just discovered Russ Stutler's excellent journal item with his observations on the waterbrush. To quote from the first paragraph
For those who don't know, a water brush or waterbrush (some makers use two words while others combine them into one) has a soft plastic barrel which contains water. When you squeeze the barrel, water enters the bristles, thus eliminating the need for a separate water container. It also makes cleaning the brush between colors a breeze. These are great for watercolor sketching on location. All you need is a waterbrush, a small set of half pan watercolors and a sketchbook, plus some tissue paper or a rag. No more water bottle and cup. If you use a small sketchbook, your entire set up will fit in a pocket.
It includes:
  • a list of different makes of waterbrush
  • comparisons of different makes - including how they vary in use and flow of water
  • observations of things to watch out for when using them
I really enjoy my dry media when sketching but I also enjoy a spot of watercolour sketching from time to time. Having acquired a Pental waterbrush, I'm much more inclined to try using watercolours as the waterbrush eliminates th need to carry water around with you all the time.


Marion BE said...

I love a waterbrush for sketching; it really does make watercolors 'on-the-spot' so easy! If you don't get along with the first one you try, don't give up on the concept. I've two different brands, both Japanese, and they're surprisingly different. I definitely prefer the one over the other.

Julie Oakley said...

They are a great idea, but I find I can't paint in the same way. As you can imagine the colour on your brush gets more dilute as you paint so you can really only get a dabbing effect. And you really need to take at least two so that you have one to flood the colours with water.

Jeanette Jobson said...

I've just ordered a waterbrush and am looking forward to this new tool to help with my sketching adventures.