Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blind Contour First Friday two days late

I participate in Blind Contour First Friday for the first time.........and am then two days late posting! Apologies for this - late last week I was having a terrible time trying to post images to Blogger and on Friday morning, it worked to start with then it stopped working again and by the time I was sorted I was way too late getting ready for the 25th wedding anniversary bash we went to (see next post).

So the Blind Contour had to wait until this morning. And here it is! "My Favourite" is my first mug of tea in the morning closely followed by my second mug of tea in my very large duck egg blue mug. Every time I stay in a hotel and am then given tiny breakfast cups at breakfast time, I realise how totally devoted I am to my brand of tea in my big blue mug! 'Duck egg blue' is also my absolute favourite colour. In fact I have a whole row of duck egg blue mugs in the kitchen just in case I run out. Did I mention my kitchen is duck egg blue? And the walls of the hall are a paler tint of duck egg blue. Get the picture? I had a hard time with the duck egg blue colour though because as I suspected my light blues don't actually have a proper duck egg blue - so this is made up of Karisma 'Deco Blue', Lyra Rembrandt 'Sky Blue' and Polychromos 'Light Cobalt Turquoise' - and my tea is the perfect colour and is Caran d'Ache Pablo 'Noisette'. A final note about the sketch - it's also done in another one of my favourite things - my A4 size black hardback Daler Rowney sketchbook. Nice creamy smooth pages with perforations down the spine.

Now I thought I drew without looking all the time. But apparently I don' you can see! Hopefully I will get better!

Note: Blind Contour First Friday is an exercise in blind contour drawing to a theme which is organised by Niff and Sutter at Inkfinger. You can find the other participants in BCFF in a list of links at the top of the left hand column. As you will see from their very superior BC drawings, Niff and Sutter have had lots of practice at this! Do take a look at the BC drawings of the participants in other blogs as well.

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  1. I love blind contour drawings, I'm glad to see them on your blog, as I will again focus on that technique. I'm trying to get looser with my paint application, and I think there's a link there with blind contour. It's also much freer than a carefully rendered drawing. Wonderful!

  2. I've just added you to my list Katherine - don't know why I haven't had you on it before. Your drawings are always such a pleasure!
    Duck egg is absolutely my favourite colour too!!!!

  3. I'll be looking forward to seeing some blind contour landscapes Ed!

    Thanks Anita - I've just been buying some new shirts for my holiday - with as many on duck egg blue as I could manage!


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