Sunday, June 25, 2006

International Sketch Crawl - Saturday 1st July

I'm still catching up on my blog reading after last week's computer hiatus and very nearly missed the call from the Sketchcrawl Blog for participants in the 10th International Sketchcrawl next Saturday. That's right folks - people all over the world will be going out to sketch next Saturday - 1st July - as part of a worldwide sketch crawl.

This is the entry on the Sketchcrawl Blog - posted on June 20th - the day before my computer died before later being revived after transplant surgery!

What is a Sketchcrawl?

A sketchcrawl is a drawing marathon - lots and lots of sketching! It was invented by Enrico Casarosa, a storyboard artist living in San Francisco and working in animation.

The explanation of how it all came about can be found in SketchaWhat?. These are the sketches Enrico did on his sketchcrawl experiment on August 14th 2004. The first International Sketchcrawl was in November 2004 - and you can find a record of it here in the Sketccrawl Forum, plus records of all the other sketchcrawls.

A Sketchcrawl happens on a specific date when:
  • (group) you turn up at a pre-arranged meeting place at an agreed time and sketch the local area - lots of different sketches! You may move about together or on your own within the specific area. Then get together again towards the end and look at each other's sketchbooks! Then afterwards post on your blog or normal place where you post your work and reference in the Sketchcrawl Forum if you want to
  • (individual) turn up wherever you fancy on the agreed date and sketch as above. Post in the forum or provide a link to your blog or wherever you normally post your work. Plus reference in the forum
Enrico's suggestions for materials for a sketchcrawl can be found here - love those sketches!

Anybody can start a sketchcrawl group. The only suggestion is that people post what they're doing to the Sketchcrawl Forum so that others can join in.

Sketchcrawl Forum:
This is the Sketchcrawl Forum. Yesterday people were trying to get groups together in:Bear in mind the lack of notice(!) means some of these are still at a very sketchy stage. There's also probably even more venues since yesterday.

For those based in and around London the London SketchCrawl Itinerary is:
  • Southwark Cathedral
  • Borough Market
  • The George (a historic pub!)
  • South Thames riverside walk
  • The Golden Hinde
  • Shakespeare's Globe
  • Tate Modern
  • Hayward Gallery
I know the area well and there should be lots to sketch all afternoon. I'm looking forward to hearing over the next week about who else is getting involved either in London or elsewhere.

Are you going on a sketchcrawl?

Relevant Links:
The Sketchcrawl Blog (where announcements about all new sketchcrawls are posted)
The Sketchcrawl Forum (where details about all local sketchcrawl activities are posted + photos and sketches after the event)
SketchaWhat? (concept creation and development)
Sketchcrawl Materials (suggested materials for a sketchcrawl)

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  1. Hi Katherine! Thanks for reminding me. It'll have to be a sketchcrawl of one, I guess, but I'm going to do it!


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