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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014 - Call for Entries

The longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK is The Jerwood Drawing Prize - worth £6,000 to the winner.

The call for entries has been made for the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014. Online registration opened last week and the deadline for online registration: 16 June 2014, 5pm.
The Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition represents and celebrates the diversity, excellence, and range of current drawing practice in the UK.
Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014

Key facts

  • The Jerwood Drawing Prize is the country’s leading award in drawing
Selected from original art works it has established a reputation for its commitment to championing excellence, and promoting and celebrating the breadth of contemporary drawing practice within the UK.
  • This is the longest running annual open exhibition dedicated to drawing in the UK. (It still claims to be the largest - but I have news for Jerwood - there were more drawings exhibited in the Derwent Art Prize!)
  • Entries can be submitted by established or emerging artists who are resident or domiciled within the UK. 
  • It's expected over 3,000 entries will be submitted  
  • Last year's exhibition included 76 drawings by 76 artists - 24 of whom were students
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winning artists at a ceremony on Tuesday 16 September 2014. They comprise.
    • a first prize of £8,000,
    • a second prize of £5,000, and
    • two student awards of £2,000 each.
Winner of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013
Apocalypse (My Boyfriend Doesn’t Care)
Ink on paper, 183 x 150cm
© Svetlana Fialova

Read on to find out more about the prize and how to enter the 2014 competition.


The 2014 selectors who will create the exhibition are:
(Interestingly - and as an aside - Professor Anita Taylor, Director of the Jerwood Drawing Prize and Dean of Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University will this year be a judge of The Derwent Art Prize 2014)

The exhibition

The exhibition will be on display at Jerwood Space, London from 17 September – 26 October 2014.

Accepted artists will be invited to a private view on Tuesday 16 September 2016 at Jerwood Space, during which the prizes will be awarded.

The exhibition will then tour a number of different venues across the UK - including Cheltenham, Leeds and Bournemouth.

Artwork can be sold and the artist's price should allow for 50% commission charged

About the Jerwood Drawing Prize

The Jerwood Drawing Prize is:
  • an open exhibition 
  • a joint initiative, led by Drawing Projects UK and supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, and now in association with Bath Spa University
  • a platform for drawing practitioners to showcase their work alongside other leading contemporary artists in this field
The context for the original development of this exhibition was the debate around the nature, value, status and representation of drawing as a contemporary art form and within art education in the early 1990s. Originated within the heart of an art school, where the research and academic ethos provided an immediate forum for this enquiry about the value of drawing today, the project has intended to engender and to contribute to this dialogue and debate through this annual exhibition, its associated educational aspects and events.

Who can submit an entry

Artists who can enter include:
  • Any artist based (living / working) in the UK (ie overseas students at college here are eligible to enter; Brits living abroad are not)
  • Any level of artist who creates drawings, from student to established artists

What you can enter

Artists can enter
  • up to three drawings
  • work in any media is eligible for entry, if the artist considers it as drawing
  • video or film works are acceptable. Artists wishing to submit moving image works must submit them in MP4 or AVI format on a USB memory stick
  • any one drawing should not exceed 2.5m in any dimension when framed
  • Only work made since January 2013
  • Only work available from submission in 2014 and for the duration of exhibition and tour in 2014-2015 (i.e. if you've sold it you better have a good relationship with the purchaser!)

How works needs to be presented

  • Composite drawings must be presented within one frame
  • Works that cannot be mirror plated must be accompanied by full installation instructions and if selected, the artist may be required to provide suitable fixings.
  • Frames MUST be durable for handling and hanging purposes throughout the selection process, exhibition and tour.
  • If work is unframed it should be packaged appropriately and robustly for transportation and storage throughout the exhibition and tour.
  • see the Rules and Guidelines for additional and more detailed instructions
Note that the Jerwood Drawing Prize accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused to work during the selection process, whether such damage is caused by the organisers, their team of staff or otherwise. Selected work will be insured by the Jerwood Drawing Prize from 5pm on the final day of selection, 9 July 2014. Selected works will be insured to the value as indicated by the artist

How to submit an entry

Deadline for online registration: 16 June 2014, 5pm.
All artists will be informed by email of the Selection Panel's decision by Friday 11 July 2014.

For further details and to register online please visit the Jerwood Drawing Prize Application Page.

You can follow what's happening re. Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014 on Twitter by using the hastag #JDP14 or following @JerwoodJVA

For all enquiries please contact project managers, Parker Harris:
Tel: 01372 462190
Email: jdp@parkerharris.co.uk
Twitter: #JDP14

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