Sunday, April 27, 2014

Interest Lists: How to make sure Facebook does not filter the content you want to read

Yesterday I posted about recent changes to the Facebook Newsfeed - see This week's changes on Facebook - and what to do next.  (PS I added new content and updated this after I published it - I thought of a more few things - like the need to NOT like and hide posts from your newsfeed)

Today I want to expand on the idea of how to create and/or share Interest Lists as a way of ensuring you see the content of Facebook Pages or Accounts you want to read.

So this post covers
  • links to my Interest Lists which are now being shared on my Facebook Page 
  • two guides I wrote a while back about why Interest Lists are a good idea and how to create them
  • links to Facebook Help re Interest Lists
The Art Materials Interest List on my Facebook Account
Note the Interests Lists in the left hand column - they starts just below Photos

My Interest Lists

I've now made them all the ones I'm listing below "public" so you should be able to access these if you are logged into Facebook.  I'll be sharing these on my Facebook Page also - I've already shared the Art Materials and Supplies one.
Do let me know if you think I've missed out any good ones! :)

A discussion about Interest Lists today.

Facebook Lists

Below you will find links to the two posts I wrote back in 2012 when lists started to emerge as a way of better managing the Facebook algorithm which decides what you see in your newsfeed (ie it filters out about 80%!)

Do let me know if you're finding anything has changed.

Facebook Basics

You can use Lists for Interests or Friends


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