Monday, April 07, 2014

Complete the draft and then upload it.......

one of the images in the book
It's a 2 minute contour drawing,
done in a life class
Today is upload day - via Dropbox.  My book about drawing and sketching has started its journey to the Editor.........

Not quite sure when that journey is going to end as.....

It's going very slowly.........
  1. Complete draft of book about drawing and sketching (done)
  2. Get all your images in from contributors (done)
  3. Get the copyright form from all the contributors of images (very nearly done - only people away from home to do)
  4. Find all your own images (very nearly done - I thought I knew where they all were!!)
  5. Realise that your own images need a new scan @300 dpi or a better photograph (expletives deleted!)
  6. Create all the new drawings for the "how to" sections (virtually completed - placeholders in place)
  7. Create new "Chapter / section / subsection folders" on Dropbox so 300+ images can be found easily by the designer
  8. Upload or copy/move images to new folders (this takes a looooooooong time)
  9. Maintain control sheet for number of words, number of pages, number of double page spreads, number of figures, what's been uploaded etc. etc. etc
  10. Upload text to folders.
That's not forgetting that I also need to keep making cups of tea and giving my back and eyes a break!


  1. Congratulations Katherine! That's a huge step, depositing into Drop box! well done!

  2. Wow! That's great Katherine. Looking forward to reading it.


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