Wednesday, April 02, 2014

10 top tips for art blogs

I've just been providing advice to a rather prominent blog about something they hadn't implemented on Blogger which makes a great deal of difference to how Google ranks your blog posts.

Click links and this is what you see
If you want to change the suggested URL link
click "custom permalink"
So I thought I'd review what I'd written previously and that's how I ended up with this top ten list of things you can do to improve your art blog using Blogger.  They're in order of publication starting with the most recent

10 top tips for art blogs 

#1.  Techie: How to create a customised URL for your Blogger blog post 21 Jul 2012 - Have you ever been irritated by the URL that Blogger has assigned to your Blogger blog post with the clever title? Did you know it is now possible for YOU to determine and customise the URLs which act as permalinks for your blog post.

#2  How to create a 'search description' for your Blogger post 14 May 2012 - How to create individual summaries for a 'search description' for a Blogger blog post - and why this is worthwhile.< #3  Pinterest: How to prevent your Blogger images from being pinned 24 Feb 2012 - This post explains how to stop images on your Blogger blog from being pinned to a Pinterest site - by inserting a meta tag in your Blogger template.

#4  Techie: How NOT to lose all your Blogger Pics! 23 Jul 2011 - First, this is a salutary tale of how to avoid losing all your pics from your blog(s) when moving to Google +. Second, it highlights how to keep your images private in Picasa and how to avoid people downloading your images from Picasa web albums and making prints of your artwork.
You only see the "Search description"
box if you've added a meta description
to your Blogger blog

#5  Assess how your website or blog ranks for quality in Google 09 May 2011 - This includes the questions which Google suggests you should address if you want to protect or improve the way your website or blog ranks in Google.

#6  How to make Blogger pages work for you 08 Feb 2010 - This post explains what you need to do to create Blogger Pages and how to make the new Blogger Pages function relevant to artists.

#7  5 approaches to avoid on your art website or art blog - Making a Mark 21 May 2009 - It's very difficult to get everything right in terms of an art website or blog. However, it's a lot easier to avoid doing things which are going to have a bad impact on your art website or art blog.

#8  NEW - Automatic publication of future-dated Blogger posts 16 May 2008 - Includes some tips for people wanting to use this new function in Blogger to schedule posts for publication in the future.

#9  Why it's a good idea to use labels in Blogger 01 Sep 2007 - the aim of this post is to help people to understand better:
  • why using labels is a good idea
  • how to choose labels to use
  • some things to think about before using Labels in Blogger

#10  How to improve your art blog 04 Sep 2007 - I stopped my first blog after six posts and started again. What does the name and description of your blog say about you, your purpose, your interests and your art?