Friday, April 11, 2014

Video: Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours - Annual Exhibition

This is a video panning around the walls of the 202nd Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours

view of the West Gallery at the RI Annual Exhibition 2014
The purpose of this video isn't to give you an in-depth view of all the paintings so much as to give you:
  • an idea of the overall size of the exhibition
  • a notion of how big the paintings are that get selected via the open entry
  • a view of the paintings that were selected this year
You can of course get a much better view of the paintings by paying a visit to the Mall Galleries - the exhibition continues until Saturday 19th April 2014. (Note: It's closed on Sunday because the Mall is closed to the public because of the London Marathon)

If you're inspired to contribute an entry for next year's exhibition go to How to exhibit on the RI website

My apologies for the quality of some of the film - I was walking sideways and trying to dodge people setting up for the evening event - which accounts for some of the mini iPad angles!  However I did at least manage to switch on HD this time!


  1. That's a great idea and a really useful reference Katherine - thank you. I didn't make it to the exhibition so watching your video in conjunction with looking at the static pictures online was the next best thing! Also it bought into sharper focus somehow the relative sizing of the work and the framing possibly more than if you're actually there. On top of which I can go back and have another look. I did find myself going 'Stop, STOP!' a couple of times there though.....

  2. I agree with Pablo on your video. It also defines the overall space of the gallery which I appreciate too.
    Often, even video, only shows artwork up close.

    I am curious though why you use the iPad mini instead of the camera for video. Is it easier and lighter for shooting? Is it easier to carry along to and from?

  3. I find it much easier with the iPad Mini - although I think the camera finds it better to deal with somebody walking.

    Since this video was more about giving an impression of the exhibition that seemed to me to matter less.


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