Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How to design a stand for an art fair

How would you go about designing a stand for an art fair?
If you're not sure where you'd start I suggest you read Lisa Call's blog post The Value of Questions – aka Smithsonian Prep on her blog Lisa Call - Textile Paintings.

Lisa decided the best approach this year was to make a scale model of the stand and all the artwork so she knew what was going where and shipped the right artwork to the fair.  So that's what she did!  (The photo at the end is quite scary and shows even the best laid plans can have interlopers!)

Other blog posts and websites which are helpful on this topic include:
Sarah Wimperis at the
Watercolours and works on paper art fair 2012
A veteran of many art fairs is my friend Sarah Wimperis  (The Red Shoes) who represents the Beside the Wave Gallery at art fairs around the UK and who can tell you a thing or two about what to do and what not do at art fairs!

This is a heavy hint that a blog post sharing a few tips would be good! :)

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