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21st April 2014 - Who's made a mark?

This is the first of my "Who's made a mark" posts in a while.  It's a round-up of my posts on this blog and on Facebook PLUS it's interspersed with other news I've noticed as I get back to more normal life.

During my time writing the book I've had a couple of major milestones

The Making A Mark Facebook Page yesterday - with 2,001 likes
Many thanks to all those regular readers, visitors and followers of Making A Mark. 
I love hearing from you if the blog has made a difference to your lives......

After the hiatus I'll start by just briefly mentioning what's coming up on my blog in the next week:
  • a call for entries for an important new art competition
  • interviews with the six botanical artists who became RHS Gold Medallists last week
  • a return for "Who Painted This?"
  • and a big thank you to all the artists who contributed images to my new book
 PLUS a video of the biggest exhibition to open in London recently!

Art Genre

Botanical Art

  • We're into my favourite phase of the year with the RHS Botanical Art Show closely preceded or followed (as happens this year) by the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists. So far I've written three posts about the RHS Show:
  • Meanwhile Gaynor Dickeson wrote a fascinating account over several posts on her blog
    gaynorsflora about what it was like to prepare for the show and then be there. There are several posts starting on 6th April - as she gives an insiders' perspective on what's involved with exhibiting at this show. I recommend you start around about the beginning of April as she starts her count down to the exhibition and all the last minute things you need to think about and do. It's recommended reading for all those who aspire to do the same!

Drawing and Sketching


  • Simon Weston portrait unveiled at National Portrait Gallery - It was great meeting both Simon Weston and Nikki Pihiliips who painted his portrait at the NPG.  It was also a privilege to see somebody see their own portrait for the first time. His mum said "It's him to a t." His family are all very pleased with it. Simon was voted for by the British public as being the person they most wanted to see in the NPG.
The framer, Simon Weston, Nikki Phillips (the artist) and Fiona Bruce

Watercolour Painting

Art Books

  • One of the best people I know in terms of drawing and drawing books is Sarah Simblet. This is Sarah Simblet and The New Sylva - a video about a new book she's been working on - it includes 200 drawings of trees in the UK

Art Business and Marketing

Art Fairs

Business survival tactics

Communication for artists

Copyright Infringement


Social media marketing and websites for artists

  • 10 top tips for art blogs - I was prompted to write this post after giving some advice to a prominent art blog about something they were failing to do which makes a BIG difference!
  • Why social media matters in 2014 - Ever wondered whether you ought to be doing more on social media - but didn't know where or how to apply your efforts?
  • I've been asked to do a workshop talk about websites for artists as part of a Summer School programme of events at the Mall Galleries. I'm not sure about the date yet and I'll let you know as this when the events are formally announced.

Art Competitions

Call for Entries

Shortlisted and Selected



Art Exhibitions

Art Critic

Paintings by RWS members
Spring Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery

Sad to say I've only just discovered the fact that The National Gallery has a series of monthly podcasts. Click the link to view the archive.

Current exhibitions:
  • until 26th April: Royal Watercolour Society's Spring Exhibition "Marking Time" at the Bankside Gallery
  • Until 15th June 2014 Veronese: Magnificence In Renaissance Venice is at the National Gallery. I was invited to a preview last week and went with Ilaria Rosselli del Turco. Veronese is regarded as a painter's painter and his treatment of materials and the composition of large groups is superb. I loved the idea that in quite a few of the group paintings, Jesus may have been the main character but most of the rest of the figures in the scene came from the patron who commissioned the work. It struck me that some practising artists today might want to try that approach to keeping their patrons happy!  Below is a video the curator of the exhibition introducing it

A film of Henri Matisse drawing with colour and scissors and creating his cutouts

Upcoming exhibitions include:
The exhibition examines Clark’s role as a patron and collector, art historian, public servant and broadcaster, and celebrates his contribution to bringing art in the twentieth century to a more popular audience.

National Art Societies

Upcoming exhibitions include

Rest of UK


Art Education


Art Supplies

Art on television / art videos

  • Grayson Perry on television in 2014 highlights two projects:
    • a new 3 part Channel 4 series exploring identity and portraiture - which culminates in an exhibition at the National Gallery later this year
    • a House for Essex project which is an amazing idea and concept (ie there's more to Essex than TOWIE) - and also the subject of a one-off television programme later in the year!

and finally......

I've got two!
  • First - did you know that Artists 'have structurally different brains' Apparently a study has found that Artists' brains are structurally different to non-artists in areas relating to fine motor movements and visual imagery.

and then second
  • This is Jonathan Jones take on The top 10 female nudes in art.  Call me picky but when somebody does a top ten I do like to see the pictures of the ones which aren't armed with copyright lawyers! The absence of Picasso I understand - but why no Botticelli?
So what do you think of the list? What's missing that you would have included?


  1. What an amazing and chock-full post Katherine - thank you for links and words! So many things would be missed without your diligence and generosity!

  2. And I was hoping for a quick coffee break and back out to the studio....going to have to sit and properly read all the fascinating elements of this article now!

  3. Nice to see you back! :) and a nice long meaty blog. I really liked Casey N. Cep's article and agree wholeheartedly. I doubt my habit of playing World of Warcraft on my breaks would help anyone else's creative process.

  4. Great post Katherine - thanks for the mention! So many valuable links I feel quite overwhelmed. Time to put the kettle on and have a good read me thinks!


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