Friday, February 15, 2013

Who painted these 10 Popes?

Last week was a bit more of a challenge - and a lot of you still got the correct answer (see Who Painted This #15 - The Answer below).

However one person was so miffed by the challenge that they decided to award last week's post a "one star" because they hated it!  I think they must have been a tad frustrated.......

You can find out the names of all the people who got the correct answer at the end.

Call me perverse if you like but I guess I'll be frustrating a few more people this week.  That's because this week - in honour of a momentous event - I have a challenge which should keep all "who painted this?" fans occupied for most of the week!

The winner will be the person who comes up with the MOST correct answers - so do not despair if you can't get them all!

"Who painted this? #16" - Who painted these 10 Popes?

In honour of a very courageous decision - one which had me spouting "Popes can't resign!" when I found out.  I reflected on it and decided he is probably a very wise man.

Clue:  No artist is repeated but one Pope is repeated.  There's the odd clue lying around....

Who Painted This Pope? #1
PLEASE make sure you read the rules before posting a comment - and ONLY POST ON THIS BLOG what you think is the answer.

Click this link to read THE RULES for participating in this challenge (this saves having to copy them out for each post!).

In short:
  • use your brains not software to find the answer
  • search using words only on a database of images
  • leave your answer as a comment on this blog  (This week you can post correct answers one by one if you like.  However you must have ONE comment which summarises ALL the correct answers you have supplied BEFORE next Friday)
  • correct and partially correct answers will not be published until the next post - which provides the answer
  • if wrong it will be published
  • do not leave the answer on Facebook!
  • the winner - who gets a mention and a link on/from this blog - is the first person to give me a completely correct answer for ALL the things I want to know
These are the things I want to know - for EACH of the 10 paintings of 10 Popes(!)

  • Title of the artwork
  • Name of the Pope:
  • Name of the artist who created this artwork
  • Date it was created:
  • Media used: 
  • Where it lives now:
Who Painted This Pope? #2
Who Painted This Pope? #3
Who Painted This Pope? #4
Who Painted This Pope? #5
Who Painted This Pope? #6
Who Painted This Pope? #7
Who Painted This Pope? #8
Who Painted This Pope? #9
Who Painted This Pope? #10

Evening with Clouds by Caspar David Friedrich
Who Painted This #15 - The Answer
The correct answers

The first person to provide the correct answer was Manchester based artist Sandra Robinson (the colour of ideas)

Others who got the answer correct - after some effort with search terms for the most part - were as follows:

Pappersdraken was on the right track and got the artist!

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