Monday, February 18, 2013

What it's like for an Artist's Trustee

One of the topics which many artists are good at ducking is what on earth should be done with their artistic legacy.

A while back I created a website - Art after death - Resources for Artists.  It was intended to create a resource both for artists and/or art collectors wishing to get their affairs in order prior to their death and by those seeking advice on "what to do for the best" after the death of an artist and/or art collector where are no specific instructions - and the Executor or Trustee has no expertise in art.
Things you need to know about what happens to art after the death of an artist or art collector.
  • What do you need to know and do if you are an Executor who knows nothing about art?
  • How do you minimise challenges for those who have to deal with the Estate of an Artist or Art Collector?
  • What's the best way of avoiding financial squabbles?
One Trustee's Journey

Last week I came across a blog which tracks the experience of one Trustee as he gets to grips with the Estate and what needs to happen next.  It's written by Bob Frith who used to be a student of the artist Dave Pearson and is now one of the Trustees of the Trust set up to deal with the artistic legacy part of his Estate.
An Artist's EstateIn July 2008 the artist Dave Pearson died leaving an enormous amount of artwork. This blog follows the journey taken by one of the executors of his will - a steep learning curve to perpetuate the reputation of an inspirational artist and man.
Home page of the website about Dave Pearson
which references his life and work - and the Trust
The website outlines the purpose of the Trust
The Dave Pearson Trust was established at the end of 2008 to:
  • Develop and enhance interest in Dave Pearson's body of work and his reputation
  • Catalogue and protect the body of work
  • Organise and collate the Dave Pearson Estate
I found the timeline alone - in the side column of the blog - to be both an education and an achievement
July 2008: Death of Dave Pearson
Basic logging of work starts (stops at 14,000)
Dec: Studio tidied
Jan 2009: Website on-line
Detailed catalogue of work started
Feb: The Dave Pearson Trust formed
Exhibition at the See Gallery
Fund-raising auction of work
March: Bank account for Trust opened
June: Exhibition at the Boo
Bob Frith buys the old studio
July: Work moved into storage
August: Builders move into the old studio
Nov: The studio is completed
Dec: Some work moved back to studio
Exhibition and opening of renovated studio
Feb 2010: Second exhibition at the See gallery
April: All work now returned to the studio
July: Film commissioned and filming starts
October: Globe studio cleared
Third exhibition at See gallery
December: Filming completed - editing film commences
July 2011: The film editing is completed
September: Launch of the film 'To Byzantium'
Reveal Open Studio exhibition at Dave Pearsons studio
January 2012: Planning for an exhibition at Bermondsey Project gallery, London starts
April: Bermondsey exhibition opens April 20th (PV 19th)
May: Exhibition closes May 13th
So - what have you got planned for your Executors? :)

If you've not given this any thought before you might like to take a peek at Art after death - Resources for Artists

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