Sunday, February 24, 2013

24th February 2013 - Who's made a mark this week?

A little while ago, an artist called Aine Divine (Aine Divine Paintings) wrote to thank me....
Thank you for the great information you pass on, you always end up answering those annoying questions about open submission competitions and so on.
having been prompted to write by my post about the cost of getting artwork to open exhibitions and competitions.

Mathew by Aine Divine
Runner Up in the Royal Watercolour Society Open Competition 2013
She'd also written to tell me two of her works had been accepted for the Royal Watercolour Society Open Competition 2013 (and has now posted on her blog about this)

It now turns out that one of them has been selected as one of the three runners up for the main prize (see above).  See:
The exhibition for the RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition opened on Friday and runs until 3 March at the Bankside Gallery.

She's got links to three magazine articles on her website.
Plus an exhibition next month - Greywalls – A Work of Art at which her portraits of golfers who have played at Muirfield will be on display. She also has a blog with precisely one blog post and she obviously needs to be encouraged to do more as her articles indicate she's articulate and writes well about process.

Artists and Art Blogs

This is a very video oriented post this week.

If you're wondering why no exhibition reviews it's because I've been stuck inside with the interminable cough which has been letting me know it doesn't like cold air or too much exertion.

Animal Art

See what happens when you comment on a blog post of mine? You can end up being featured on my blog!  (Laura left a helpful comment on my post about art stores in New York - see 'Art Supplies' below)

This is animal portrait painter Laura Ellis - as featured in this Odd Jobs: Animal Portrait Painter video report by the Wall Street Journal on the way she approaches commissions .  Plus this delightful article which explains how she came to move from Vermont to New York and became an artist who paints dogs for a living.  Listen to the video all the way through to check out the NYC commission prices she charges!

Drawing and Sketching

Liz Steel: An Illustrated Journey from DannyGregory on Vimeo.
  • Lori Field is a Post-Apocalyptic Romanticist artist with aesthetic-compulsive disorder who renders obsessive narratives with colored pencil, silverpoint and encaustic.  Thanks to Sophie Ploeg for highlighting her work on Facebook.  This is her website and this is where you can buy her work.  These are her
  • Drawing is a passion, and I intend for the work to be drawing-based, concentrating on the use of non-traditional media and arcane materials, always submitting to an obsession with obsessiveness. The mediums can vary: some are colored pencil drawings on vintage slate chalk boards, others are meditatively drawn silverpoint renderings on gessoed paper
  • I'm incredibly impressed with Sketchwalk Chaophyra in Bangkok which involves Urban Sketchers from other Asian countries and Australia and a sketchwalk along the river which runs through Bangkok.  The Program and itinerary was looking very organised on Facebook at the beginning and the photo albums are looking even more organised now! 
Click to see a larger version
Photographers credit:- โฆสิต จิตต์ไพโรจน์ (kosit jitpiroj)
- The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST)
by Mr. Jirawat Phuengsomwong และคุณอ๊อด
Pastels and Pencils
  • German pastel artist Astrid Volquardsen (Malerin des Lichts) has won the bronze medal in the 14th Pastel 100 competition for my painting "View to the sea".  You can read more about this in her blog post Pastel Journal Bronze Medal Award in which she highlights how she has produced a video of how she produces her pastel art - and had it translated into English.  You can see a link to it below.  I recommend viewing it in full screen on YouTube proper so you get the full benefit of her panoramic sketchbooks!  I want to know how she manages to keep he easel upright in the wind!

Plein Air Painting
  • Simply Getting There provides a brilliant idea by my friend and plein air painter Louise Sackett (Plein Speaking) for getting from car to the site of the easel and the view for your plein air painting.
Who painted this? 
Art Business & Marketing
Art Auctions, Collectors and the Art Economy
  • This Financial Times article The Art Market: pay up, pay up and play the game By Georgina Adam highlights how Christies has raised the cost of buying art at auction which follows its closure of its Haunch of Venison Gallery.  Is this increase in cost of sale a good idea?  One collector commented to the reporter
“When you add in premium, VAT, artists’ resale right ... you can be looking at over 30 per cent on the hammer price, I don’t think it will make any difference, collectors will just have to pay more.”
Art Competitions
Art Education
Art Exhibitions

UK Exhibitions - Major Galleries
Lichtenstein: A Retrospective is the first full-scale retrospective of this important artist in over twenty years. Co-organised by The Art Institute of Chicago and Tate Modern, this momentous show brings together 125 of his most definitive paintings and sculptures and will reassess his enduring legacy.
USA Exhibitions
Art Bloggers
Art Societies

I've started a series of posts about Art Blogs for Art Societies.  Knowing a  little of the issues involved in getting an art blog for an Art Society up and running, I started right back at the very beginning - and am missing nothing out!.  Here are the first two
Art Studio
Art Supplies
Changes in coloured pencil brand preferences 2008 - 2012
Opinion Poll

The Making A Mark Opinion Poll for February - What's your best time of Painting? - finishes just after midnight in London on Thursday.  If you've not answered yet, you'll find it in the right hand column.  There's no right answer but the responses so far are interesting.

and finally......

After The King in the Car Park we now have King Richard III's life and death told through graphic-novel style art - and displayed as a slideshow on the BBC website

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