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10th February 2013: Who's made a mark this week?

I love it when I see an artist producing a painting which has a special meaning for me.

The Fountain at Gordes by Sarah Wimperis
580mm x 740mm, watercolour on paper £875
This Provencal fountain painted by Sarah Wimperis (The Red Shoes) is special to me.

When in Provence in 2011, I wanted to go back to Gordes - one of "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" as it was there that I had one of those "I'll remember this" moments when on my first ever painting holiday - with the BBC Holiday programme in tow!  It wasn't so much being filmed painting sat more or less in the seat from which Sarah did her study for this painting.  It was more to do with that moment when you stop focusing on "how to paint" and move on to "how to make a picture". More than 20 years later I still wanted to be able to make a picture of that contrajour image of the fountain against the roofline and was really pleased to be able to go back there - and introduce a great painting spot to a fellow artist.

It's also fascinating for me to see somebody else's perspective on "my view".  I was sat about three feet to her right - and still haven't got round to posting that particular sketch! (memo to self - finish France!)

Anyway - this is by way of introduction to the fact that you can see this painting and others by Sarah  in one of two ways:
  • her solo show - Sarah Wimperis - Simple Things, Still Life - opens at the Beside the Wave Gallery in Falmouth, Cornwall on Friday 15th February with an Evening Viewing from 6.00 to 8.00. Her exhibition is then on show until 27th February.  Paintings can also be previewed and bought online via the gallery. More new exhibition paintings will be online from 15th February
  • the Gallery is also publishing a book of her recent work to coincide with the opening of the show. The book of studies and paintings for 2013 retails at £20.00. Click here to see a PDF of the book along with a price list. You can win a free copy of the book if you like and share the promotional image (see below) of Sarah's exhibition on the Gallery's facebook page before 6pm on 15th February when the winners will be announced.  Those of you thinking about marketing your exhibitions in future might like to tuck this idea away in a "good idea" folder!
Let's not forget the the other reality of a solo show for an artist is the Organised Chaos which occurs as you do all the last minute jobs which get paintings ready for the Solo Show!

It's great to see that some paintings have already sold.  A lot of Sarah's recent paintings are of interiors - a major theme which Sarah has been developing in the last couple of years or so.  Others focus on different aspects of gardens. Below is my favourite - again for personal reasons.  

Afternoon Sieste by Sarah Wimperis
800mm x 610mm, oil on board £1,250
If you have a solo exhibition coming up or a group exhibition AND you are an art blogger (this last bit is very important) do let me know when you're having your show and I'll mention it in this weekly post.  See  How to highlight your exhibition - for artist bloggers ONLY for information about what you need to do.  Please note, as stated, this is an art blogger ONLY deal!  If you don't have an art blog please do NOT send me your press release!

Artists and Art Blogs

I'm still struggling with my second bout of the flu bug which keeps trying to knock me out - so this is a short post this week

Botanical and Floral Art

Why not start a project with the title of your Solo Exhibition in mind.  It keeps you focused!
The series, Bountiful Observations, is inspired by my desire to record the seasons through still life, capturing scenes that incorporate flowers, plants, and objects that are available at different times throughout the year, thus each new painting in the series records the passage of time and the changes that are occurring.
I want to do a series of very, very large paintings illustrating all of the plants I have used or consumed in a year. This includes food and drink, fabrics, any new furniture, paper, cosmetics, dyes, pharmaceuticals, bunches of flowers and cleaning products. I also plan to illustrate them to scale, but the scale is that of 'the amount consumed'.
...the British photographic history blog ...was launched at the start of 2009. There are over 1600 members, in addition to many other regular readers. They range from museum and gallery curators, photographic academics, students, collectors, dealers and representatives from the photographic press from around the world.
Who painted this?
Art Books
Art business and marketing
The proposed reforms raise concerns for the content creators mainly regarding the potential loss of profits due to unauthorised use of their work.
Art Collectors and Art Economy

The New York Times had articles relating to auction sales for big ticket picures.
Art Competitions
Art Exhibitions

Major Museums - Europe
Eugène Delacroix, Basket of Flowers
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille
© RMN/René-Gabriel Ojéda.
  • I never knew Eugene Delacroix painted flowers - or what a good painter of flowers he is! Following a renovation the main exhibition at the Musée Eugène-Delacroix this winter is Eugène Delacroix: Flowers in Winter Othoniel, Creten which brings together for the first time the artist’s main floral paintings and most beautiful watercolors, on loan from a variety of museums in France and abroad.  These are displayed alongside works by two contemporary artists
Art Galleries and Spaces - London
the simple fact of the matter is that I couldn't take my eyes off her very large painting of physalis. I loved the colour of the reflected light in the shadow areas.
Physalis II
36" x 36", oil on canvas
copyright Linda Meaney
Art Education
Art Museums and Art History
Opinion Poll
  • This month the big new thing is Vine (Vine). It creates 6 second looping videos.  It's not the most communicative of websites.  Basically it works if you have an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad (with the video camera).  Note that the latest on app page on iTunes notes that the P*rn merchants have realised its potential.
  • If you want to run an email list Feedblitz has a new completely free, no registration required, downloadable e-book (pdf) about how to make the most of Feedblitz
and finally......

So now we know.  George Dubya Bush likes to paint.  Himself.  In the bath or taking a shower.  Shades of Bonnard...   A hacker has outed The Secret Art of George W. Bush and demonstrates he's a serious amateur painter who now joins the illustrious ranks already populated by both Churchill and Hitler.  I actually think his paintings show a lot of promise as well as a different perspective!
Images of only three paintings made it to the Internet — where they promptly went viral — before the Secret Service started to investigate.

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  1. Katherine! Thank you so much for sharing information about my series, Bountiful Observations. I am so honored...

    Also thanks for sharing the links to the shows by Sarah Wimperis, and of the series by Jessica Rosemary Shepherd.

    Hope you feel better soon, Liz

    1. Thanks Liz

      I'd just settle for a decent night's sleep at the moment. My cough appears to be getting worse rather than better and does not like me lying own!


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