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Review - Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Photography Competition

I love the flower photographs selected for the brand new annual Georgia O'Keeffe Photography Competition.  Click the link to see a page devoted to works selected for the competition that have been awarded prizes or honourable mentions.

Georgia O'Keeffe Photography Competition - Flowers - Place Winners

The competition was inaugurated to celebrate the 125th year of Georgia O'Keeffe's birth. (see my earlier posts Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Photography Competition and Georgia O'Keeffe - 125th Birthday)

The theme for the 2012 competition paid homage to one of Georgia O'Keeffe's favourite subjects "Flowers" (see Georgia O'Keeffe's Flower Paintings)

  • 3,830 images of flowers were submitted by 930 photographers, from 47 states and 17 countries.  

You can see the prizewinners at the top of the page. It appears that not all prizewinners have a practice or portfolios which involve shooting flowers on a regular basis

Adult 1st Place Winner: Joanna Stoga, Dancing Tulips.  I've seen this Polish artist's x-ray photography work before - in the Nash Conservatory at Kew Gardens last April when she was displaying her work in the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2012 Exhibition (see won the Portfolio Award - see Kew Prints).

See my post International Garden Photographer of the Year 2011 at Kew Gardens

She also has had her work displayed in Vogue Magazine.

Joanne Stoga - 1st Place Portfolio Category
International Garden Photographer of the Year 2012 Exhibition
Kew Gardens

photograph by Katherine Tyrrell
Having seen her work before. I immediately recognised the winning work for this competition as an X-ray photograph - although I'm still not entirely clear about she takes these
Part of a 3 year long X-ray project named Qi, which express my fascination with plants and is dedicated to my favorite photographer Karl Blosfeld.Title refers to the energy Qi, that in traditional Chinese culture is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as life energy. X-ray technique reveals not only a remarkable form and structure of plants, but also gives the possibility to feel this incredible energy. This picture is from the series
On this page she explains more about how she creates her work for her QI Portfolio - the winning image is #21 in her Qi portfolio on her website.

Adult 2nd Place Winner: Janet O'Neal, Datura 5 (I'm not entirely clear which website relates to this lady)

Adult 3rd Place Winner: Lisa Gamble, Dancing Garlic Flowers

Student (18-21) Winner: Zara Applestein, Yellow, Black, & White Flower

Student (Under 18) Winner: Hannah Mark, Tie-Dye

Honourable Mentions ( in alphabetical order).  links in the names are to the photographer's websites where you can see more of their work,

The selection panel of judges were:
  • Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson, Director, VERVE Gallery of Photography; 
  • Jackie M, Director of Education and Public Programs, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; 
  • Mary Anne Redding, Chair, Photography Department, Santa Fe University of Art and Design; 
  • Joyce Tenneson, photographer; (do check out her photographs - they're wonderful ) and 
  • Norman Vanamee, Editor-in-Chief, Garden Design Magazine
I'm unclear as to whether there is to be an exhibition or whether this is online only.

Link: About Georgia O'Keeffe - American Painter

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