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3 February 2013 - Who's made a mark this week?

Who had an Etch a Sketch when they were little?  AndrĂ© Cassagnes, the Etch A Sketch inventor AndrĂ© Cassagnes (has died) at 86 and memories - and etch a sketches - have been making an appearance.

and this is a video of George Vlosich using an Etch a Sketch to do what he does so well.

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Ballpoint Illustration Print.
Schooldays Excercise Book revisited - Converse to Rulers via scribbles
©  Andrea Joseph
Landscape Painting
This site is about landscapes and the arts. It highlights ways in which landscape has been evoked, depicted or transformed in painting, photography, literature, music and film.Some Landscapes
Marc Hanson's new Etsy Store - Small Impressions
    Pastels and Pencils

    Plein Air

    • The Plein Air Convention is rounding up those who want to attend on its website and on Facebook   However I was very puzzled by the feature images on the website.  Why don't the images related to the artists who are mentors feature their plein air work rather than their studio paintings? "Lost the plot" were the words which sprang to my mind! Authentic advertising which is congruent with the message wins hands down every time for me.  Take a look and see what you think.

    There's a strong royal theme this week!
    • The Queen of the Netherlands abdicated this week in favour of her son as she reaches her 75th birthday.  A competition has been running for people to produce a portrait of Queen Beatrix - and there's now a YouTube video Beatrix in Beeld of some of the entries.  Including that by Sophie Ploeg
    • The furore about the portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge rumbles on - see this article in last week's Washington Post  - In uproar over portrait of Duchess of Cambridge, its artist speaks out.  The same trite comments are being trotted about the same trite people who don't understand the difference between a photograph and a painting. I tried loading the video and it didn't work.   I think maybe the Washington Post needs to make sure all its employees understand about file size and load times!

    Who painted this? 
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    Upcoming Exhibitions - UK
    • Tate Britain has a new exhibition about Looking at the View (12 February – 2 June 2013) which looks at continuities in the way artists have framed our vision of the landscape over the last 300 years.
    • The Fitzwilliam Museum has an exhibition about illustrator Quentin Blake: Drawn by Hand12 Feb – 12 May 2013 Quentin Blake is one of the best-known illustrators of his generation.  The exhibition includes a selection of individual works, book illustrations, etchings, lithographs, drawings and works done for hospitals in various and contrasting media. Plus a display of pens, brochures, inks, watercolours, quills and other materials from the artist’s studio.
    • The Artists & Illustrators First Annual Exhibition runs from 6 - 19 February 2013 at the Osborne Studio Gallery, 2 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JU.
    Upcoming Exhibitions - USA
    • The first major survey of the art of the Pre-Raphaelite painters opens this month in the United States. Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Art and Design, 1848–1900 is opening February 17 at The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  It continues until May 19.  It's moving next to Russia will be at The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, June–September 2013.
    Art History & Art Museums
    • 82nd & Fifth is the Met's address in New York City. It is also the intersection of art and ideas. We've invited curators from across the Museum to talk about works of art that changed the way they see the world: one work, one curator, two minutes at a time. This yearlong series of 100 episodes offers a new way to see the Met's collections through the eyes of our curators and an "explore" feature that allows you to make your own discoveries.
    • Curator, Tear Down These Walls is an interesting comment on Folk Art in American Museums in the New York Times 
    • I came across the website of The Indian Museum for the first time.  It celebrates its bicentenary next year
    Art Education

    Art Books
    Online Art Education
    • Has anybody had any dealings with the Teaching Art Online website?  On the face of it seems like a good idea - and then I got three "wake-up calls" which suggest it's somewhat dormant and completely unlike, for example, the education set-ups on sites like Alyson Stanfield's Artbizblog
      • The blog hasn;t had a post since May 2012
      • the next course starts - oddly enough - today and lasts for a year.  I suspect if you looked it up tomorrow the same would apply.  Everything is looking very automated to me.
      • comments are closed on the tutor's profile and distinctly lacking on the blog
    Tips and Techniques
    • The Matthew Effect is one of Robert Genn's posts which make you want to sat "Yes!" as you read it - it's about art education
    • Controlling M-Faces by Stapleton Kearns (Stapleton Kearns) is about that old truism If everything in a painting is of equal importance, then nothing is important! and he messes abbout with some paintings by famous painters to demonstrate how they too could have made them look amateurish if they hadn't used some good judgement. I liked his signoff
    Nature in itself is not art, art is the product of a human decision about how to portray nature.
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    This month, I topped 50,000 visitors to the blog in January. According to ClustrMaps 51,057 visitors visited my blog in January - which the first time it's topped 50,000 visits in a month.  What I like about using ClustrMaps is it gives me such visual feedback about where the audience for this blog lives and also whether they like the content!  Plus I can see very easily how it has changed over time.
    Making A Mark - ClustrMaps for January - One picture worth 50,000 visits!
    and finally......

    Those trying to think of a new twist on how to produce a self-portrait might like to take a look at this Guardian article - Ahn Jun's self-portraits are a high art and this slideshow of her photographic self-portraits Ahn Jun: self-portraits of a fearless artist.  Not for the vertically challenged!

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    1. Thanks for the mention Katherine. The Beatrix madness is going strong in The Netherlands. The competition to create a portrait of the queen has closed and a selection has been made for the official exhibition at the Royal Palace. But the nearly 2000 entries that did not make that are not sitting stil! Artists are creating their own exhibitions all over the country. There are flash-mob shows, gallery shows, shows in hotels, restaurants and churches. With her abdication on 30 April, the royal craze is no doubt to continue for some time.


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