Monday, February 04, 2013

POLL: What's your best time of day for painting?

Do you have a best time of day (or night) for painting?  That's the topic for the Making A Mark Opinion Poll for February.  There is of course no 'right' answer!

I've known a few "through the night" painters. I've noted some artists seem to favour particular times. Others like to have distinct and regular sessions during the day when they paint while others just fit it in as and when they can.

Personally, I'm into early starts when on my own - it'a amazing what you can get done before breakfast!

Breakfast sketch from the terrace
11" x 16", pen and ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine
© Katherine Tyrrell
You can find the Making A Mark Poll for February in the side column.  It finishes very early on 28th February and a post will follow later in the day discussing the results.

What's your best time of day for painting?

The options are:
  • up with the lark - bright and early
  • it's a job - in the studio before 10am
  • midday gives me the longest period of static light
  • afternoons are for painting
  • sunrise and sunset
  • late nights are best
  • all day long - however long it takes
  • when I've got a brush in my hand
  • whenever I have free time
  • whenever it's quiet and nobody else is around
The sketch is of one the times I like best - and was done in Provence in June 2011 - see Breakfast sketch from the terrace / Morning View from the House

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  1. I definitely get to the studio early, but don't start working right away, I do prep work first before beginning painting. My vote is for "it's a job" I almost always begin before 10, painting is the most important task to be accomplished in a day.
    I'm looking forward to reading all of the comments, should be interesting!

  2. I agree with Kelly above - it's my job, what I trained to do nearly forty years ago and what I have done all my life. I walk or run with the dog on the trails around Box Hill around sunrise (I've done quite a few sketches of amazing sunrises from the downs), shower then potter in my studio for an hour with a hot cup of coffee and a bagel before getting really stuck in by about 9.30am - Ii have an all weather studio at the bottom of the garden. I work until about 6.30pm with about 20 mins for lunch to check emails. You have to be disciplined but I'm truly blessed that I do what I love and love what I do.

  3. Whenever I can get it in is the reality of my life right now. But my most productive time of day is morning. I'm up well before dawn most mornings, so I'm worn out by dusk. My best works (in my opinion) has been started at dawn and completed in mid-afternoons. I tend to be slowing down in the afternoons and become more contemplative and patient with myself. I "study" and ponder in the afternoons but take action in the mornings.

  4. I am not usually awake early enough to paint sunrises. Otherwise any time between about 9 am till it gets dark. I like late afternoon light.

  5. I'm a morning person. So I paint in the morning. Afternoons are for recharging mind and soul.

  6. I love to get a quick shot at sunrise, but my most intense focus begins about 3 in the afternoon and takes me into the night. when I have a deadline for a show or a commission, I wake at 5 and go til I get done... I love to putter around the garden in the morning dew...get the errands done and then settle in afternoon in the studio if I have my choice.

  7. Whenever I can block out 20 minutes!!!!

    I love painting from 8am to 11am the best...maybe because it happens so rarely. Usual time is from 7pm to 9pm.

  8. I'm an early bird and start soon after my 1st cuppa tea and so gets my vote. It does mean you'll often find me still in my pajamas at lunchtime when I stop. Afternoons are always a struggle and then I work in the evenings, but then it's a job.


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