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Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2012 - Selected artists & artwork

These are the artists selected for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize.

The exhibition opens to the public at the Mall Galleries on 28th March and continues until Thursday 5th April.
The purpose of the Prize is to encourage creative representational painting and promote the skill of draughtsmanship. This annual exhibition is open to all UK artists with prize money totalling £25,000 and an engraved gold medal for the winner.
Many of the names of the artists below are familiar to me.  Many more artists from the art societies based at the Mall Galleries have submitted entries this year and been selected.

This could be because the Prize gets more well known every year (this is its 7th year) or it could be because of the change of venue from the Painter-Stainers Hall to the much larger Mall Galleries.

It certainly seems to be a bigger exhibition.  There are 98 artworks in total.  In the last exhibition in 2010, there were 68 artworks by 65 artists.

If you click the link in the artist's name, it takes you to their website or a gallery website they are associated with. It may go to the artist's CV/bio page, in which case you will then need to click another page on the website to see images of more of their work.

Michael Stewart Attwell Thames estuary at Southend
Julian Bailey Students' break
Sasha Bowles Things would never be the same again
Peter Brown NEAC Studio mantlepiece
Peter Brown NEAC The Udaipur Sunset Painting
Nick Bush The long walk to Glynde
John Cahill Snow in the Cych Valley
David Caldwell Faces
Harry T. Chrystall Bronze in the breath
Peter Clossick Studio corner
Peter Clossick Lyds
Tom Coates A day's wages
Austin Cole RBA North Pembrokeshire headland
Austin Cole RBA T5 is working
Anthony Connolly Mock lemon
Phoebe Cope Modinagar
Jane Corsellis NEAC RWS Rock face, Salzburg
PJ Crook Nocturne
Patrick Cullen NEAC Calanchi, Italy
Paul Curtis NEAC Dried flowers and thoughts of Spring
Saied Dai RP Muse
Mick Davies RBA The Battle of Maerdy Bridge
George Devlin RBA ROI RWS  Lunch at La Guinguette
Jill Eastland Our land: sample square of common land grass
Claire Edwards Still life in orange with lobster
Mark Entwisle Saturday sun
Peter Fleming Gilded memories
Paul R. Gildea Pennies
Carolyn Gowdy In a topsy turvy world
Naomi Grant Self portrait
Christopher Green The Shard from King William Street
Paul Green Front room curtain
Tom Hammick Gas station 
Alex Hanna Shampoo
Charlotte Harris Dice jar
Emma Haworth A garden in the east
Emma Hopkins Lucy
Marguerite Horner Void
Peter R. Hunt A Tuscan arcadia
F.M. Kennett Bottles
Yuichiro Kikuma No entry
Jessica Kirkpatrick Night of the nightingale
Darius Lambert Isthmus
Selwyn Leamy The violet hour (Mr Peter)
John Lines RBSA RMSA The return
Caroline McAdam Clark RWS Sweet oblivion
Caroline McAdam Clark RWS My bed, Bamako
Mary Mabbutt Red studio
Sargy Mann Bathers in black and red
Dean Marsh Rose bud
Sonia Martin The doll
Wladyslaw Mirecki Holme Valley, Yorkshire
Juliette Palmer RBA In the farm outhouse
Shanti Panchal The Riverbank, Maldon
Rod Pearce St. Pancras Station
Terence Pearce Black Buddha and nasturtiums
Morgan Penn Julie does it while burning her knickers
David Piddock On Heron Quay
Scott Pohlschmidt Britain's greatest pork export playing hide and seek in my studio
Stephen Read The collectors
Rachel Ross Silver spoons
Malcolm Ryan Billowing clouds
Paul Savage The Harlequin
Melissa Scott-Miller RP NEAC Islington back gardens - Autumn
Anna Jung Seo The artist with his dog
Daniel Shadbolt Nicholas
Kath Shaw Falling from grace
Rob Shaw Breakwater, Staithes, heavy seas, October - rising tide
Yasunobu Shidami Cow 1
Helen Simmonds December shadow
Barbara Skingle ....i dream of monsters
Helen Slater Seawall, Tewkes creek - in memory of Bob McAnulty
David Statter Canary Wharf escalators
Laurie Steen Landstill 41-11
Laurie Steen Familiar Field V, 40-11
David Stevenson Abandon hope
A. Lincoln Taber Walter Potter's Village School
Hocktee Tan Grey nude six panels
Bonita Tandy Reflected flowers
Michael Taylor Piano pieces
Lex Thomas Future proof
Simon Turvey Cinema
Simon Turvey Derelict house - Languedoc
Deborah Walker RI Evening sun: Old Harry
Hannah Webb Winter weekend warmer
Graham Webber Flooded footpath, Dedham
Tony Wells At Freshfield Woods
David Vincent Wheeler Cuore di Firenze (view from Duomo looking towards S M Novella, Florence)
John Whitehill Red plane
Antony Williams Still life with electric fan
Charles Williams I know that Nelli loves me 3
Nicholas Charles Williams Still life with IED
Kate Wilson Blue sky over Weir Road
Susan Wilson Exterior W10 (after Watteau)
Michael J. Woodford Of Pembrokeshire
Neale Worley NEAC RP Family
Peter Wylie Goldfinger seven (with Le Corbusier flaking paint from apartment studio)
Dawei Zhang Bitter yellow

As always I do the best job I can to find these links and any errors are all mine. Please feel to identify any amendments required

There are a number of events during the exhibition
  • Figure Drawing workshop with David Caldwell Wednesday 28 March 1.00pm–3.00pm
  • Still Life Drawing workshop with David Caldwell Monday 2 April 1.00pm–3.00pm
  • Figure Drawing workshop with Tom Coates Wednesday 4 April 1.00pm–3.00pm
For further information and bookings please contact:Tel. 01372 462190

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