Wednesday, March 07, 2012

POLL: Do you insure your art and art business?

March's Making A Mark Poll enquires into your insurance of your art and art business?  Specifically it asks What aspects of your art and art business do you insure?

I've been wondering whether artists insure everything they need to.  Given the size and scope of art studios, the nature of art materials and equipment we all use and the extent to which artwork moves in and out of the studio on its way to galleries and exhibitions, it makes me wonder if artists insure all they need to or whether they insure for the minimum they have to or just fail to make any adequate provision for insurance because it's all too complicated and/or too expensive.

In recent times I've know four artists lose their entire studios due to fire or tornados.  It makes me wonder whether any of us might experience a similar catastrophic incident and live to regret failing to insure properly.

Madame Losse Hessel in Vuillard's Studio (1915) by Edouard Vuillard
What aspects of your art and art business do you insure?

The poll asks What aspects of your art and art business do you insure? This is a poll which allows multiple responses.  Please indicate all the options that apply to you.

The options available are:
  • artwork at all times
  • artwork in galleries/exhibitions
  • stock of art materials
  • art tools and equipment
  • art studio (household)
  • art studio (business)
  • legal liabilities re artistic practice
  • employers liability
  • product liability
  • public liability
You can find the poll in the right hand column - just underneath to the "blog rank in art" flame.

The poll closes on 30th March and an analysis of the results will be produced soon after.

I'm very interested to hear about:
  • any difficulties that artists have encountered in insuring their risks
    • in the studio
    • in the gallery/exhibition
    • re. workshops/classes
  • any tips artists can pass on as to 
    • how to minimise and/or manage risk and/or 
    • reduce the costs of insuring your artwork, art materials and equipment and art studio.
I've developed a resource (see below) to preserve useful bookmarks to insurance sites where insurance for artists and artwork can be obtained plus tips from artists.  Insurance sites are separated by country. 

Other resources for artists

This poll and post relate to previous blog posts and resources for artists that I have developed.

Insurance for artists:
  • Making A Mark - Insurance for Artists - can you help? (18th February 2012)
  • Artists' Insurance - Resources for Artists (website) 
  • UPDATE 2016: Insurance for Art and Artists 
    • Do you need insurance for your art or artist's studio? 
    • Are you planning an art class and need insurance for public liability? 
    • Do want to find out more about insurance for artists? 
    • Do you need insurance cover for an art collection - but haven't got a clue where to start looking? 
    • This site aims to assemble links to all current relevant resources on the Internet - and then organise them by country. It's also aiming to crowd-source recommendations about different insurers - and which to avoid.
Risk analysis and management for artists: