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25th March 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

Spring (1570) by Pieter van der Heyden after Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Spring (published 1570) by Pieter van der Heyden after Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Engraving - Print
Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington
Spring began this week - and the clocks went back last night in the UK.  We are now officially enjoying British Summer Time!

This week's post has a bit of a "Spring" theme

The above image is in a number of collections. It's a print of an engraving by Pieter van der Heyden after a painting of Spring by Pieter Brueghal the Elder and made shortly after his death.

Over on the Guardian, Jonathan Jones has decided to create a new series of posts about My favourite spring artworks.  To date he's had
Plus The Guardian has another new initiative - Share your art with us - and has asked people to submit their artwork on the theme of Spring
This is a new series dedicated to your art. It was inspired by the extraordinary response we got when we invited you to share your picturescreated using mobile apps.
Here's part of that response - The art of the app: works made on iPads and iPhones - a slideshow of art sent into the Guardian by people who've all been busy creating digital art

This is Share Your Art - Your Pictures so far in relation to the Spring theme.  I'm inclined to side with one person who commented that they didn't think some of them looked much like Spring!  There's also a few "Hockney wannabes" in there.  The gallery uses LiveShare.

I'm also continuing the theme of seasonal landscapes on The Art of the Landscape (I was doing it before Jonathan!) and have kicked off a mix of Spring Landscapes and landscapes associated with the month of March.  There will be a few more this week
I also did my first "Spring" sketch recently - see Travels with a SketchbookThe Thames at Kew - in March sunshine.

So - over to you.  Do you sketch or paint with a view to making a record of the Season or maybe what the landscape looks like this month?

Travels with a sketchbook - The Thames at Kew - looking towards Richmond
The Thames at Kew - looking towards Richmond 12 and 15 March 2012
pen and inck and coloured pencils in Moleskine sketchbook, 11" x 16"
© Katherine Tyrrell - all rights reserved
Now for the rest of this week's post


“ ‘Enfant terrible’—I get called that a lot, still, and I’m 47,” Hirst complains.
The exhibition consists of 73 works made over a 22-year period, arranged chronologically to convey the evolution of Mr Hirst’s ideas. The general trajectory is from gritty to glitzy
If you do therapy you'll win the Turner Prize

Art Blogs

Drawing and Sketching

  • I came across Ian Sidaway's art blog for the first time today.  It's called Ian Sidaway Fine Line and is described as 'A visual blog recording daily fine liner drawings'.  It's got some very graphic sketchbook drawings which reflect his illustrator roots. They actually look more finished than sketchy to me.  I like his trees a lot.
  • The Guardian came up with How to draw a perfect David Cameron caricature
Culinary Colour Field by Nicole Caulfield
24" x 30" Coloursofts on Fisher 400
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
  • Nicole Caulfield (Nicole Caulfield) came up with a new way to do a colour wheel - and this is her CPSA entry for this year's annual exhibition - Culinary Color Wheel.  If you track back on her blog you can see how it was developed

Art Business & Marketing

Art Collectors and Art economy

Art Competitions

Art Exhibitions

This is what's known as a comment in the interests of balance.  Jonathan Jones argued this week that we should Get up and demand better British art.  He says we're too tolerant of our artists – novelty and immediacy are valued over originality and profundity. Which means bad art.  Discuss (and the reasons for reading these links are the comments as much as the article!)
I honestly believe you can get more from visiting your favourite art gallery and looking, again and again, for free, at art that interests you, than from a dozen hit exhibitions.
UK Major Exhibitions
  • An excellent review of the Lucian Freud Portraits exhibition by Marion Boddy Evans
  • I came across a blog I've not read before this week called The Wandering Eye - it contains sound reviews of exhibitions.  It's described as musings and reviews from a Museologist in training.  Does she mean trainee Curator? Her Twitter account reveals her to be Emily Peirson-Webber
UK Major Art Societies & Art Competitions

The Threadneedle Space
Private View: RWS Spring Exhibition
Regional UK Exhibitions
European Exhibitions
USA Exhibitions
Art Bloggers Exhibitions

Art Education

Tips and techniques

Art History

Studio & Art Supplies


I had a whole bunch of posts for you re Pinterest - and then they went and announced a change to the Terms of Services which is what a lot of us have been hoping might happen.

So first off my post about that - and then the rest of them!
"What I see Pinterest doing is employing you (without pay, mind you) to amass a giant library of original content for them"

Web, Blogging and the Internet

  • Have I ever banged on at length about how totally and utterly frustrating it is to be unable to tell who is blogging and what their name is.  If not I should do it some more.  Blogs do not get mentioned on this blog because I can't tell who you are!!!! Get yourself a pseudonym if you want to be obscure!  Everybody else go and check your blog now and make sure your name can be found somewhere.
  • I've had lists on twitter for ages - but it's only recently that I'm beginning to use lists much more to keep track of different categories of people I follow.  It does actually make it much easier!
Webware Widgets
  • I am so very sad that the PostRank extension is no longer with us after 1 April. It's such a very useful tool for scanning Google Reader and I also like the external perspective on which are the top posts.

and finally.....

After the Goldman Sachs letter we have the Gagosian Letter via commentary on ArtInfo

PS If you insist - let's also not forget the Why I am leaving the Empire by Darth Vader Letter - which must be the the ultimate Goldman Sachs parody?


Casey Klahn said...

I linked the Thinks Happen post at FB, @ Degas nudes. It is a good cataloging of all of his bath images, and I wonder if he missed any?

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Casey - I knew it had to be a pastellist - and you're right I saw it one the Facebook group. Thanks again for highlighting it.

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