Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finalists for The Archibald Prize 2012 + The Packing Room Prize

This year there have been significant increases in the number of entries for Australia's top painting prizes - and in the value of the prizes of offer.  There were:
  • 839 entries for The Archibald Prize ($75,000) - now in its 91st year -  for the Best Portrait Painting preferably of some man or woman distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics. (2011: 708 entries)
  • 783 entries for The Wynne Prize ($35,000) for Best Landscape Painting of Australian scenery, or figure sculpture (2011: 712 entries)
  • 654 entries for The Sulman Prize  $30,000  for Best Subject Painting, Genre Painting or Mural Project by an Australian artist in oil, acrylic, watercolour or mixed media. (2011: 561 entries)
The announcement of who has won the prizes comes at the end of the month - when the exhibition also opens.  You can see all the finalists and the winners at the Art Gallery of New South Wales between 31st March and 3 June 2012

The Archibald Prize Finalists

Thumbnail images of the first 12 finalists
I gather from this Sydney Morning Herald article - Wood simply chuffed as Archibald targeted by graffiti artists that this year the Archibald Prize includes finalists involved with street art and digital art.  It includes a really excellent video of Luke Cornish meeting up with Father Bob Maguire to produce a stencil art portrait.  I've got to say it's an amazing process and I think it might stands a pretty good chance of winning!

Below you'll also find another excellent video of last year's Archibald Prize winner painting a portrait - and I anticipate a few of you may find your jaws dropping if you watch it!

I learn such a lot from looking artists' websites that I thought all of us non-Australians might like to see the work of the artists chosen as finalists for the Archibald Prize.

The experience was slightly weird.  Every time I came across somebody I thought I might identify as a possible winner - I then discovered they'd already won the Archibald!
Thumbnail images of finalists 13-24
There are 41 finalists - who are all listed below.
  1. click the link in the name to see their artwork on their personal website or at their gallery
  2. click the link in the title of their selected artwork to see the page devoted to that artwork
  3. Where I spot a blog this is listed as the third link
    This is a video of Ben Quilty at work
    Thumbnail images of finalists 25-36
    Thumbnail images of finalists 37-41

    The Packing Room Prize

    I was very impressed that those who unpack the paintings also get to vote on The Packing Room Prize ($1,000)
    The Packing Room Prize gives the gallery staff who receive the entries for the Archibald a chance to vote for their favourite Archibald portrait. This is the Gallery’s head storeman Steve Peter’s 29th Archibald and the 21st Packing Room Prize.
    This year's winner of The Packing Room Prize ($1,000) is Raelene Sharp.  The vote is effectively controlled by the Head Storeman who has 51% of the vote and who does tend to prefer realism in portraits.  I gather he's never chosen a painting which then goes on to win the main prize.

    Links to articles about The Archibald Prize:


    1. A friend sent me this link to a review of the prize..it is funny in a cruel sort of way..

    2. Thanks for that Sophie - I'd update the post and include links to recent articles at the end


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