Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The way you respond to comments on your blog POLL RESULTS

How do you respond to comments on your blog?
Making A Mark Poll - February 2012
85 responses
The Making A Mark Poll for February was about "How do you respond to the comment on your blog?" we receive on our blogs.  People could tick all the types of responses they used.

The good news - everybody does it a bit differently!

  • 85 people responded and identified a total of 149 responses and it's evident that there's a diverse range of practices employed.  
  • Most art bloggers tend to use between 1 and 3 responses to comments - averaging out at 1.75.
  • The most popular response - respond to every comment.  54% of bloggers respond to every comment on their blog (sometimes) - ie they only accounted for a third of the responses
  • Other popular responses:
    • one response to all comments (21% of bloggers and 12% of responses)
    • one response to similar comments (18% of bloggers and 10% of responses)
    • respond if the blogger has time (18% of bloggers and 10% of responses)
  • Very few people never respond at all
The poll produced an interesting set of comments.  Here are just a few of them.
I appreciate the time it takes for someone to stop and respond and I think responding back helps keep the conversation going and readers engaged.
Lisa Call (Abstract Contemporary Textile Art

Blogs like yours, Gurney Journey, Lines and Colors, Stapelton Kearns etc. I don't expect a personal response to every post comment. It's a lot of work (time) to put together blogs of this sort so should we expect it? No.
David J Teter (Avid Art)
I love the way in flickr you can scroll through ‘recent activity’ and see if someone responds to one of your comments. So I am more likely to respond to a comment in flickr than I would on my blog as it is more trackable
Liz Steel (Liz and Borromini and a lot of other blogs!)
I really appreciate the support, encouragement and friendship of the people who read my blog. WordPress makes it easy to respond to comments with their "threaded comments" feature.
Jana Bouc Urban Sketchers S.F. Bay Area / Jana's Journal
and my own contribution
My one big rule is that if the person is new and I don't know them to make sure I go and take a look at their blog and then see if I can find a post to comment on.
I've not been good at following that one of late and must get back into practising good habits!


  1. I am not crazy about people commenting on my blogs because it can take away from the content...I prefer for people to contact me directly by email if they have a problem with something & then I can sort it out faster...
    http://harriete-estel-berman.info/ Harriete Estel Berman told me one of my websites was terrible(hosted on Magnify.net which was free with a .tv domain which are pricey), after I had severely complimented one of her Slideshare presentations...So first I paid $99 dollars to upgrade the site host from free to pro, mucked with it a bit, then just took the whole thing down content & all...It was actually a good thing in the end, because the hosting templates & layout were notwell thought out enough & kindof duplicated Youtube in a way, but for money, so her advice was sound...But one comment can cause an awful lot of trouble so I really field them one by one & hope that they won't require too much work or money...Most of the time I discourage them because I just don't have the desire to fix everything that is wrong with the world all by myself...Is that ok?

  2. Sounds like you had a bit of an exceptional experience!

    I very rarely see comments of that nature on a blog. What's more if I make them myself I usually go out of my way to find the blogger's email so I can write to them directly if something on their site is causing a problem. Plus I'm very pleased when people do the same kindness to me.


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