Friday, June 11, 2010

Gayle Mason at Patchings

Today I'm off to visit Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint) who has got a stand - Gayle Mason Fine Art - at Patchings Art Festival which continues until Sunday. 

I'm taking the train from St Pancras to Leicester where I'm being picked up by Vivien Blackburn (Paintings, Prints and Stuff) and we're then driving up to the Patchings Art Centre which is just outside Nottingham.

We'd decided to go on Friday as both Shirley Trevena and Lucy Willis were due to be there.  However Lucy Willis has had to pull out at the last minute due to family circumstances which is a very great pity as I've always admired her work.

There should be some tempting art supplies which I shall of course only look at!  Really.  Well I may just take a capacious bag with me..........

I also want to see what Gayle has been spending her time doing for the last few weeks while getting ready for the show.  She's got a very sophisticated printer and seems to have been wedded to it for some weeks while printing off supplies of her fine art prints and cards and step by step tutorials.  I've been on her stand at the National Cat Show where her prints and cards flew off her stand so I'm not in the least surprised she's made sure she has a good stock.

If you interested in going this is the Festival Guide and this is the Festival Layout

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