Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What's your favourite magazine for artists?

The Making A Mark Poll for June asks "What's your favourite magazine for artists?"

I wrote recently about art magazines and got some very helpful and useful replies - see Art magazines in the UK and USA - can you help?
I'm wondering if others are pondering on subscriptions in the same way as me. I've decided that I want to do an opinion polls(s) about art magazines and journals. To do that, I want to make sure I include all the ones which people who read this blog read on a regular basis.
I was very glad to find out I wasn't alone in pondering on my subscriptions to art magazines.

I decided as a result to create a new website about all the art magazines and journals - see Art Magazines - Resources for Artists which provides one place where you can see all the art magazines which can be ordered and find out a bit more about them!

The poll this month has two parts.  The first part is about subscriptions.

Part A:  Do you have a subscription to a magazine for artists
  • Yes, I subscribe
  • No, but I have done in the past
  • No and I've never subscribed
    The second part is about the actual magazines for artists.  I've excluded all magazines which are for collectors rather than practising artists and included an option for those who prefer to get their art news, instruction and articles from online sites.

    You should choose just ONE ANSWER from whichever poll contains the magazine you like the best - irrespective of where you live.  (Note: When it comes to the analysis I'm going to separate out the UK based from the USA based magazines).

    Part B: What's your favourite magazine for artists?
    • None - I prefer online sites
    • American Artist
    • American Artist Drawing
    • American Artist Workshop
    • Art Calendar
    • Art in America
    • Art Monthly
    • Art Review
    • Artists and Illustrators
    • Drawing
    • International Artist
    • Leisure Painter
    • Modern Painters
    • Pastel Journal
    • The Art Newspaper
    • The Artist
    • The Artist's Magazine
    • The Palette
    • Watercolor Artist

    The poll finishes early on 30th June and the results will be published later the same day.

    Please link to this post and tweet it / facebook it / share it with your fellow artists (see the Share widget below)

    You can find the two polls in the right hand column - underneath the faces of bloggers who follow this blog.

    Find out more about previous opinion polls in The Making A Mark Poll - Resources for Artists


      1. Pricey, but you might look at NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS. Published six times a year and each issue focuses on artists from a particular region of the US.

      2. I subscribed to American Artist Watercolor on March 17. Will be delighted to give you my opinion, if it ever arrives. This is my only subscription.

      3. I used to be a subscriber, but found that the information tends to be repeated, just a different format and there's really nothing new in them, so I don't bother anymore.

        Now I just pick up an occasional magazine if there's something in it that catches my eye.

      4. Rather than subscribing, I tend to pick up magazines individually. I know that it can be more expensive that way, but at least I know I'm getting an issue that I can enjoy.

        I noticed you did not include Craft, Print, or hi-fructose in your list. Those are some of my favorites!

      5. I guess because people who read this blog mostly draw or paint as I do.

        I made a deliberate decision to stay away from the areas of specialist magazines which I know nothing about.

        I'm sure a craft blog or a photography blog or whatever can do a jolly good job of running a similar poll on their respective blogs.

      6. I know I've certainly come one of those people who picks up a mag if it has something interesting but no longer feels the need to subscribe.

      7. I take the same approach about buying certain issues rather than subscribing, but one of the magazines I've found most helpful to me as an artist in the U.S. is actually American Art Collector.

        I like it not just for how it still discusses artist techniques, but also because AAC provides insight into the gallery scene around the country, and in many instances provides pricing comparisons on the artists they review. While individual artist reputations also enter into it, pricing comparisons help me to envision where I am in the marketplace as an artist.

      8. Hi,

        I've never subscribed to any art magazine, but if I were to, that would be American Artist, for the fact that it's one of my favourites and the subscription value is great, in my opinion.
        My other preferred art mag is International Artist and once in a while I also buy The Artist's Magazine.
        Also note that the American Artist magazine offers a good website.

        Kind regards,


      9. I subscribe to several magazines; it ends up being cheaper than buying individual issues. If, during a single year, you were to buy any 3 issues of a magazine at the newsstand price, then you might as well go ahead and subscribe to that magazine- the price is often similar at that point.

        I think American Art Collector might be my favorite magazine as well, though Workshop is a close second.


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