Sunday, June 20, 2010

20th June 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

Yesterday I wrote about Postcard from Provence - paintings by Julian Merrow-Smith in The very best painter of French cheese I know...  Today, I'm featuring another painting from the book because for me it sets a very high standard for books by art bloggers.  This painting was posted very nearly five years ago on Postcard from Provence.

Summer morning, Banon,
14th July 2005
20cm x 10cm, oil on card

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Coloured Pencils and Pastels
Painters and Painting
  • Jeff Hayes has a painting in the July edition of American Art Collector - Article
  • Sarah Wimperis (The Red Shoes) is really hitting her stride with recent paintings about gardens. I love the facts she's painting tangles and nature in the raw rather than nice tidy manicured gardens.
Raspberry Canes
55 cm x 40 cm (21.7" x 15.7"); Pure Watercolour
copyright Sarah Wimperis
     "Runoff" - reduction linocut - 6" x 9"
    copyright Sherrie York
    Wildlife Art
    An aspiring ornithologist, she wrote to the Audubon Society, pointing out that she is a “decent drawer” and asking if it was possible to sell some of her bird images to help raise money for relief efforts.

    Art Business and Marketing

    Estate Planning for Artists (Wills for Artists)
    • Tina Mammoser is on a quest to find a suitable will for artists to cover the handling of your artistic output on your death.  She's found one for authors.  It's a great idea - and one which I guess a lot of people duck!  Have any of you got any links which are useful which you'd like to share?

    Art and the Economy / Art Collectors

    Art Competitions and Art Societies

    • My post this week about the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010: shortlist announced has proved to be VERY popular siunce I included as many links as I could find to the websites of the artists shortlisted for this major contempoarry painting prize - worth £25,000
    • The V&A Illustration Awards Display 2010 open on Tuesday and continue until 19 December 2010. The V&A Illustration Awards are held annually to highlight the best book and editorial illustration published in the UK in the previous year. Their aim is to encourage, recognise and celebrate high standards of creativity in the industry. The 2010 awards will be announced tomorrow.
    • The awards ceremony for the BP Portrait Award 2010 at the National Portrait Gallery is on Tuesday night; then there's a private view on Wedesnday before the exhibition opens to the public on the 24th June. 
    • The Prime Minister's Better Public Building Award shortlist - outstanding buildings across UK - includes 2 art musuems 

    Art Exhibitions, galleries and museums

    Major art galleries and museums
    Other galleries are said to be beside themselves with joy at the argument between the auction house and the small Haunch of Venison gallery in London.
    Art Bloggers - exhibitions
    Upcoming exhibitions include....
    I'll be doing another blog post looking forward to exhibitions in the next six months in the fortnight.

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    Art education - drawing research
    • Susan B. Roth, a drawing instructor at Ohio State University, created an experiment to research the potential cause(s) behind the most common drawing errors she was observing in her classroom - and ArtPlantaehas summarised the results in this blog post Investigating the Drawing Process
    Students must be taught how to view objects “as a collection of relationships between end points and other elements” instead of as a whole object.

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    Sketching toolkits

    Book reviews

    Websites, webware and blogging

    websites - art

    • My exercise to find the websites highlighted some progress in artists' websites which I recorded on Wednesday in The Websites of Contemporary Painters in the UK
    • The latest version of the V&A Search the Collections, was judged to Best of the Web in the research category at the international Museums and the Web conference in Denver in April 2010.

    internet - generic

    and finally........

    BBC iPlayer has The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010: A Culture Show Special (HD version).  Robin in Tuscany (Have Dogs Will Travel) tells me she very much enjoyed watching it so maybe more people overseas should try and see if they can get it.


    Sarah said...

    I still love Andrew Wyeth, whatever the critic from the telegruff says, but maybe I wont make the journey to see that particular exhibition...hopefully you will and you will deliver another view, or rasther a making a mark review! Nice collection of marks to enjoy this week. Thank you

    Robyn Sinclair said...

    Here's a tip for those outside the UK who feel it would be only fair to allow all artists access to the wonderful bbc art programs on iPlayer. Check out

    Tina Mammoser said...

    Another great week! Thanks for including my very brief mention of wills - which I found via Neil Gaiman on Twitter. I'm still amazed there is so little out there for creative professionals, so more info if anyone has it please! Even we little artists need to think about this, as our images will live on after us and I for one would like to ensure they can be earners for my heirs if possible. :)

    Sherrie York said...

    As always, a feast of links and information to keep even the most stalwart of procrastinators challenged! Thank you! And thanks for the nod, both for my lino and for the "Drawing on Nature" exhibition.

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