Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video - BP Portrait Exhibition 2010 opens today

 Two views of the BP Portrait Exhibition 2010

This year I'm taking a different approach to my coverage of the BP Portrait Exhibition 2010.  During the Press View yesterday morning I shot a video of the entire exhibition.  It's very definitely handheld and shaky in parts however I hope it gives you a real sense of the type and size of work which was selected this year.  That's not to say that next year's exhibition will look like this.  Every year is always different.

What's different in 2010?

I think it's a very good exhibition this year.  There's much more diversity, fewer "big heads" and a greater range of ways in which subjects have been treated.  Self portraits are getting more and more interesting and the ensemble portraits also demonstrate innovation.  To my mind, creativity seems to have taken over from photorealism.  That's not to say there aren't some exquisite portraits which have captured the detail.  It's just that they don't look like photos - they're better than photos!

See a virtual exhibition

But don't take my word for it - see for yourself.  Below are the links to my video and the virtual version of the exhibition on the NPG website

BP Portrait Award 2010 is the link to my VIDEO OF THE EXHIBITION on YouTube.  I've not embedded it here as it's nearly 8 minutes long and this blog takes long enough to load already!

Many thanks to Neil and Eleanor and all at the National Portrait Gallery Press Office for their kind permission to video the exhibition.  I'm still getting to grips with processing videos on my iMac so please excuse the lack of technical wizardry with the video I shot.

These are the links to: The Exhibition
 That Sinking Feeling by Mark Jameson
Oil on linen 1000 x 650 mm

There are some great stories behind the images.  The Jameson family are having a real family affair with the BP Portrait Award.  Mark Jameson is last year's Young Artist of the Year for Benfica Blue his portrait of his sister Lyndsey.  This year Mark's back again with an excellent self-portrait which creates a spin on momenti mori.  Lyndsey meanwhile is on the other side of the gallery with her splendid portrait "Sentinel" of their much younger brother.

 Sentinel by Lyndsey Jameson
Oil on linen, 1220 x 770 mm

See the Exhibition in person

The exhibition of portraits by the winners and selected entries will be at the National Portrait Gallery, London until 19 September 2010 after which it goes on tour to:
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  1. THANK YOU...that was great being able to get the sizes etc, do as many of those films as you can, fantastic for us bumpkins out in the sticks!!
    (I am late for work now!!)

  2. Just enjoyed your video, Katherine. Such a treat to see all those paintings in context. Many thanks.

  3. Thanks Robyn - tell all your friends!

  4. Thank you so much for the video Katherine - completely absorbing...


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