Monday, June 14, 2010

Artists and illustrators drawing in pen and ink

 Spanish Olive and Tulip Wood Apples #1
6" x 10", pen and sepia ink on Saunders Waterford HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I can feel a series coming on!  These are my two new wooden apples.  One is pale and made from Spanish Olive wood.  The other is a crimson russet colour and is made from Brazilian Tulipwood (which is not the same as the American tulipwood).  The chap who sold them to me at Patchings was keen to emphasise that I was buying expensive wood!

I've always loved drawing in pen and ink.  My technique favours a very fine line which can be feathered.  These apples were drawn last night using my current favourite pen for sketching - a Pilot G-TEC-C4 gel ink rollerball in brown (sepia) ink.

Resources for Artists

On my Pastels and Pencils website I have web page devoted to Art Materials that I use.  This includes a section for Pen and Ink.

See Pen and Ink - Resources for Artists.  This is the website I created to provide a place to organise and store all links to information and advice from various websites for artists using pen and ink. Topics covered include information about pen and ink brands and associated products and tips and techniques for working with pen and ink. 

Artists and Illustrators working in Pen and Ink

One of the other purposes of the resources for artists site is to provide links to artists who can show others what they can do when using pen and ink.

Below are links I've already collected - many of the ones in the first section come from the very excellent blog  Charley Parker's Lines and Colors (pen and ink).  Many of the artists in the second (contemporary) section are English Illustrators.

Artists and illustrators using Pen and Ink (History)

Artists using Pen and Ink (Contemporary)

Here are some of my favourite contemporary artists and illustrators who work in pen and ink
  • Ronald Searle Pen and ink drawings by Ronald Searle - a very successful graphic artist and pictorial satirist. I particularly love his drawings of cats 
  • Gerald Scarfe who has worked as editorial cartoonist for The Sunday Times and illustrator for The New Yorker.  I've watched him draw with dip pen and ink in a lecture about drawing at the National Gallery - and he's very fluid and very fast.
  • Henry Moore - whose drawings in ball point pen I saw earlier this year.  The set of drawings of an elephant's head and of sheep are particular fine. 
  • Quentin Blake the man behind the Campagn for Drawing
  • Lucinda Rogers the artist behind the Weasel (for The Independent)   Those suffering withdrawal symptoms after the demise of The Weasel can find an archive of Rogers/Hirst material at 
  • Cheeming Boey - who draws on syrofoam cups with a sharpie 
  • Paul Heaston - who has been drawing his surroundings on his blog Three letter word for art 
  • Andrea Joseph - Her Sketchblog is one of my very favourite blogs.  I just STARE at her drawings for a long time.  I'm very sad that her laptop has died and that she's currently offline.  This is her Flickr site where you can overdose on her wonderful drawings
Can you help?

I'm wanting to expand the links to artists who work in pen and ink.  If you have any other artists or illustrators you'd like to recommend please leave a name and a URL where I can see their work as a comment and I'll review the work.

Please note I'm don't consider mechanical rendering as artistic!


Don McNulty said...

Wouldn't that be be a Pilot G-Tec C-4?

Making A Mark said...

Shucks - it would indeed

I don't know where the Pentel came from

Making A Mark said...

Now changed

Don McNulty said...

Instead of being so picky I should have said how much enjoyment and info I get from your blog, I am amazed at the amount work you must do to keep it all going, thanks so much. Sorry for the nit picking, Cheers, Don McNulty

Making A Mark said...

That's OK Don.

Papierflieger said...

Thanks for the links to great pen/ink drawings!
One of my fsavorites is David Hughes,illustrator

vivien said...

Having seen these when you bought them I was especially interested to see this drawing - and it's lovely :>)

Pen is the medium I use least and this is beautifully subtle

visioneerwindows said...

Contemporary and past pen and ink artists are mentioned and spoken of in The International Society of Pen and Ink Artists [ISPIA] - ... it also includes sites for several members...

Joni Belaruski said...

Joni Belaruski

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