Thursday, July 12, 2007

Potentially Peonies

8" x 10", coloured pencils on Arches HP
all images copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I don't often post a completed work in coloured pencils which shows the different stages of the work while in progress - but I thought you might like to see how my peonies from yesterday's post progressed.

I find that scanning and then putting them up on screen while I'm doing them helps me to identify what needs developing and what needs fixing. The thumbnail versions are especially helpful at seeing whether or not an image is 'reading' well.

So here is "Potential" from start to finish. I've upped the contrast on the pencil outline so you can see the lines. At the end you can see images of the pencils I used for this drawing.

I've scanned the coloured pencils in colour sequences so you can see what was used. These are pencils from the Caran d'Ache Pablo, Lyra Rembrandt, Talens Van Gogh, Faber Castell Poly chromos and Berol Karismacolor/Sanford Prismacolor ranges. Click on the images to see a larger version - you might even be able to see the name of the colour!

Thanks to Maggie and Ester - they both hit on the 'potential' in this picture so that is now it's title.

If anybody has questions about either process of pencils just leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.


Casey Klahn said...

I think that you have a significant work here for your whole body of works. It proves your skill and is a delight to view.
What I like best is the simple and very well defined depth (aerial perspective). It looks like you established that early, and never lost it.
Your color composition is fabulous, too. The compliments of green and red so skillfully done.
As far as subject, I find the buds with the blooms very interesting. You definitely give my mind a chance to wander about the scene,to enjoy and think about the flowers.

Lisa B. said...

Katherine, this is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Katherine,

Okay, I've been visiting your blog for a time now because of the education you freely share. I feel like I've taken a mini art class after reading your daily posts. I haven't posted anything to you until now because I just want to say that you went the extra mile to take the time to scan your colored pencils in color sequences so we could understand and learn your process. You're a gracious teacher and skilled artist. Thanks for all you share.

Anonymous said...

Delicious colour harmony!

Todd Camplin said...

If your scanned in your progress with enough images, you would make a nice animation.

Todd Camplin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Making A Mark said...

Thanks Casey, Lisa, Fannie and Raquel for your compliments on this work - I thought it turned out rather wll too!

Camplin - I did start to look at doing an animation but decided that it would take a bit of time to work out what to do - so maybe next time?

Meanwhile if anybody has any hints for producing an animation do let me know!

Robyn Sinclair said...

I wish I'd written Casey's comment! He's spot on. I love the depth too and the incredible design you've rendered out of the play of light and shadow and negative space between the leaves. Colour is gorgeous! Now I'm sitting here watching those buds, waiting for them to burst into bloom ;)

Making A Mark said...

This work has been juried into the Annual International Exhibition 2008 of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS)

Lorraine said...

Beautiful, I too find that if I scan in my work I see things I did not see before.

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