Friday, July 13, 2007

How to create a lightbox for macro photographs of still life

(left) Strobist - How to: DIY £10 macro studio

Earlier this week I happened upon a really good explanation for how to create the ideal lighting set-up (see left) for photographing small objects - for next to nothing.

So, first of all, thanks to Carol Marine's hubby for finding the item and then to Carol for highlighting it on her blog post last month where she is describing how she photographs her work.

The blog and post which reveals all is Strobist and How to: DIY £10 macro studio. It seems to me to be an excellent explanation - and is very similar to one I saw a few years back in a book which I have been trying to find again ever since!

The Strobist blog post also allows you to e-mail the article to a friend (or yourself) - but you lose the pics and the formatting.

Strobist then goes on to provide an explanation of how to isolate an object using a black non-reflective surface and have reflections from the shiny surface that it sits on.

So go take a look, but don't forget to
  • comment there if you find it useful (98 people already have done just that!) and
  • comment here if you've got anything to add about how you light a still life or other websites with good information which might help other readers of this blog.

PS If you build a lighbox and then show if off on your blog please remember to give proper accreditation to Strobist and that blog post and come back and post a link here as well so we can all see the product of your labours.