Sunday, July 01, 2007

1st July 2007: Who's made a mark this week

Cactus in jade and crimson
8" x 10", coloured pencils on Arches HP

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I think this the last in my 'pun' images for this weekly round-up. However I'm still needing help to identify my cacti and succulents - I now have a gallery ten images of cacti and succulents which didn't exist at the beginning of this month!

So what did I notice this week?

Artists and art blogs
  • Found - a new blog by Duane Keiser. Here's the rules for how to participate in 'Found'. Duane was credited in USA Today and the New York Times with starting the internationally recognized “A Painting a Day” movement in 2004 with his oldest blog "A Painting a Day".
Art shows and competitions
  • Thanks to Gord Leverton for finding this link - Art Show Perspectives - a lot of advice on the Berman Graphics site about submitting your work as digital images to art shows and competitions and information about how digital juries can work. Check the credentials. and have a good look round the site - there's lots of solid information about photographing artwork.
Art supplies
  • If you're in the USA you may be wondering where to get hold of clear bags to hold artwork. I saw clearbags being recommended last week and was impressed when I viewed their website. I'm still looking for the UK equivalent!
Art videos
  • Blogger in Draft looks like it's providing some useful information and add-ons to help with support for enclosure links for podcasts. Plus it's now possible to include a poll - all we need now is the question and the answers! Support for video uploads is on its way......
Art Education: Websites, Books, Workshops, Tips and Techniques
Coloured Pencils
  • The eight FMP show has been published. This is an online exhibition of works in coloured pencils by subscribers to Ann Kullberg's online magazine for coloured pencil artists "From My Perspective". As ever, the show contains a high proportion of portraits of both people and animals. Pat Averill judged the show and it's expecially interesting to be able to see an explanation of the reasons why she chose each one of the pieces that won a prize or honourable mention.
  • Two exhibitions from the National Galleries of Scotland - both concerned with drawing.
    • Drawing to an End - 5th May to 29th July 2007. This display looks at studies or initial ideas for paintings, prints and sculptures, many relating directly to paintings that hang in the Gallery. The works in this display reveal a great deal about artists' working practices and methods, exploring the importance of drawing in their creative process.
    • Picasso on Paper 14th July to 23rd September 2007. This promises to be very interesting exhibition as it will be showing more than one hundred and twenty prints and drawings executed over the course of his life. Some of these have never been seen before in the United Kingdom.
Apologies to all those who got a copy of me saving the headings and a couple of potential posts for next week's draft of my weekly round-up. As I complete one week, I copy headings across and start to set up the following week's post so I can just drop links in as I come across them during the week (this blog post virtually writes itself!). I inadvertently published the one for next week - and it survived for about two minutes before I deleted it!


Ed Terpening said...

I use ClearBags also to archive and sell unframed canvas panels. They're really well priced, lots of sizes. I'm surprised they don't ship to the UK, or perhaps that puts the price out of wack...

Linda Blondheim said...

Very kind of you to include my blog.

Jennifer Rose said...

Clearbags does ship to the UK, they will give you a shipping price for your order, and only ship it if you approve the shipping cost. Really nice bags to use, not sure how much import duty costs would be, if any.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks for the information Jennifer - I'll check out the cost of an order plus shipping.

I could be wrong but I think import duty only applies if the shipping value exceeds a certain amount.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Katherine,

I could not find your email, so I am commenting instead.

I love your blog ... I get the feed and the newsletter. But I used to visit the blog almost every day - until you stopped putting the image into the feed and newsletter.

I know a friend encouraged me to do that on my blog - to get people to come onto the blog so that they wouldn't just be happy with the newsletter or feed ... but now I visit you about every 2 weeks.

I just want you to know - for me - the painting is what brought me here ..

Good luck!
~ Diane Clancy

Jana Bouc said...

Wonderful composition on this cactus drawing. It's more like a landscape that goes on and on into space and the viewer just gets lost in it. Beautiful work. It was fun checking out the links you posted too. I don't know how you find the time to practically write an illustrated book a month on your blog.

Making A Mark said...

This post is actually proving to be not at all difficult. I just have to remember to have it open while I'm researching or reading other people's blogs. The links just seem to drop into my lap - now I have somewhere to put them.

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