Monday, July 02, 2007

Flowers in Art

Colour study: lilac poppy
8" x 10", coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I've always been interested in drawing and painting flowers (see website links below) and my project for July is to review how different artists have approached drawing and painting flowers.

I've got lots of artists I'd like to take a longer look at to see whether I can work out what are the characteristics of their approach and/or the features of a particular painting. This project isn't about botanical art - but it might include some botanical artists.

Now I may be making myself a hostage to fortune here but I'm going to list some old favourites below plus some new people I've found recently when looking at who features flowers in their artwork. I may well be devoting at least one blog post to each of these artists this month. The list may also get revised and become longer or shorter - this is a journey of discovery! If you're wondering about why some artists are not included, I'm keeping the gardeners until next month!

If anybody would like to make suggestions about artists which could be included in this survey of different approaches please use the comments function (note: spam will be deleted).

Old favourites:
Some recent finds
I'll also be trying to review various books I have about painting flowers. I confess I've got a lot and will probably not get through them all! I may as well start now by pointing the botanical artists amongst you to my botanical art squidoo lens which highlights a number of botanical art books.

...and look what I found while doing my Google searches for links - a BBC website devoted to painting flowers! More about this in a future post - in the meantime I'm off to do the quiz!

The image at the top is of a lilac coloured poppy which I found at RHS Wisley this time last year. I'd love to be able to say I'll be drawing and painting from life - en plein air - all month but the rain continues and is washing away the summer......

As usual with the monthly project, if anybody else would like to join in just let me know by posting a comment. Supply your blog address and I'll include you and your posts when I create the post about those blogs and posts associated with the project.