Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flowers in Art: Kazu Shimura: Sumi-e paintings of flowers

pen and sepia ink in Daler sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

There are a number of sumi-e videos of flowers being painted on You Tube. They were all created by a sumi-e artist called Kazu Shimura who lives in Tokyo.

Here's his sumi-e photostream on Flickr and here's a sample of the Kazu Shimura's videos on You Tube:

Lily sumi-e
Iris sumi-e
Rhododendron sumi-e
H!ydrangea sumi-e
Plum (blossom) sumi-e

Have fun watching some or all of them - and watch the brush technique!

My image is needless to say nowhere near as nice as some of the flowers being painted!


vivien said...

loved the sumi e stuff - did you know Glen can do this? she studied it for a time.

Katherine said...

How wonderful! I wonder if we could get a video of her doing some?

I used to hold my pen vertically when younger (before I started using keyboards!)and have always wondered whether I'd like this sort of painting - which always seems to be to have a much greater emphasis on the nature of mark-making

Lindsay said...

You have the most interesting posts! I loved the sumi e paintings. You have a very rich site.